Chicken Night (Mutton Sundays)

chicken dinner

We moved to our house on a Saturday, and the next night, two Indian friends brought homemade Indian chicken dinner to share and to eat after drinks and snacks.

It was a very nice gesture.

The next Sunday, they did it again, and they said that Sunday is chicken night or mutton night (mutton is chicken in hindi).  Every other day is vegetarian. The chicken is fresh and one of our friends’ wife cooks it, and they bring it over. The wife doesn’t come. She is pregnant with a third child.

This has happened three times now, and we enjoy it. We don’t have a dining table, so we eat on the floor. Last time they bought a chatai for us to use, a floor mat woven by women from the leaves of date palms.

Chicken night consists of the same things every time: Kingfisher beer and addictive Indian salted chips for starters (outdoors or indoors), and then dinner of: spicy chicken, rice, chapatis/bhakri (Indian flatbreads), and raw sliced onion with lime as salad. They bring the chopping board and cut it on the spot. Indians like their fresh food. I don’t like raw onion, I actually very much dislike raw onion, so I skip the salad.

During chicken night, I always eat more than I should.

We learned that they don’t like drinking during dinner, so beer and snacks happens before dinner, and then they just finish their glass of beer along with water during dinner. After dinner there is zero drinking. We also learned that they are not allowed to drink, so they come to our house to drink.

Shekhar, the 22 year-old says that if his family found out, they would kill him. (He is a very nice young man, never kissed a girl, and not interested. He prefers to be single.)

Adinath, the 30 year-old with the pregnant wife and 4-year old twin girls, has permission from his wife to drink, which I think is great, but he hides the fact from the rest of his family: parents and in-laws.

We also learned that there is a tradition in Adinath’s family that when the wife is pregnant, the husband has to fast every Saturday to have a boy. Adinath said he doesn’t like this, and he didn’t want another child, but family pressured for a boy. Yesterday, he was very happy because they found out that they are having a boy. No more kids after this one.

chicken dinner chatai

By the way, our house is pink.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Night (Mutton Sundays)

  1. Mutton is goat meat…Murgi is chicken in Hindi…:)


    1. Oh, so the whole time I was eating goat? haha.. is it possible that in rural india they would call any kind of meat mutton?


      1. Hahah no you might be eating chicken, but yes they might have a common name for all meat! This is not in every rural region although! “Maans” is the Hindi word for Meat/Poultry.


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