Only In India: Unannounced Game Night

game night

Today, around 8pm, Shekhar and Adinath walked into our house (we keep it unlocked during the day if we are home) with a “Hello!” (no knocking), then grabbed the chatai (the floor mat for sitting) from the shelf, grabbed some glasses and plates from the kitchen, poured some cold beer into the glasses and some salted chips unto the plates, settled on the chatai, and started playing Rummy with two newly bought decks of cards.

Josh’s work “day” had started as his clients are in the Pacific U.S. , so he couldn’t play, but I definitely joined them. I have always enjoyed playing cards very much, and I can say I am quite good at it. My favorite games include Texas Hold Em’ and Spades. I actually had never played Rummy with cards, but I had played Rummikub which is similar. So after one game of observation I started playing, and after two games of playing, I won. I am bragging here; they were surprised.

It was fun.

This “no-privacy in India” adjustment, has its perks.

They left after two glasses of beer.

On the picture below,  you can see Shekhar (on the right) trying to hide the fact that he is drinking by leaving the beer bottle “out of the shot”.

game night

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