How [And Why] To Settle Down In A Run-Down House

Settling down anywhere is expensive and lots of work. We are having lots of expenses,  especially fixing up the house we are renting. (In America, we would never rent such a run-down place, but this is what we are doing). Our rent is crazy cheap compared to the rent in the US, but the house needs A LOT of work that the landlord won’t provide. Apparently, it is not accustomed for the landlord in India to provide much; you get what you see, and if you need anything else, you have to provide it yourself. And we didn’t get much. We got a run down old little house, with no appliances, no furniture, an eastern toilet, really old and broken windows, dust accumulated for years, and a leaking roof. Don’t let me forget to mention that the house is about 100 feet from the very active train tracks.

You ask: why in the world would you rent a house like that? The answer is complicated and nonsensical. Actually, it is quite simple (and nonsensical). We could afford a nicer place, but God chose this little house for us, for reasons we can’t even think of, but we are certain.

Anyhow, we are slowly fixing up this house to make it more comfortable for us.

  • Things we have done:
  • Paint the walls (pink).
  • Installed ceiling fans.
  • Spent two days cleaning the house. (With the use of hydrochloric acid, thinner, and lots of scrubbing).
  • Bought a two burner stove, a [not full-size] refrigerator, a mattress, and two desks.
  • Changed the light fixtures.
  • Sanded the bottom of our main door so that it didn’t make a loud noise every time you closed it.

I have my ups and downs living here. One day I wake up quite upset about our situation, and the next day I am okay with it. Such is life. Nobody said adventures are easy, and much less if they are adventures with God. The latter are certainly not easy, but they are highly rewarding.

Plus, when you follow God, He gives you the strength, and then He gives you more hardships, but then He gives you even more strength. And then He gives you a break. Then, you are suddenly doing things you would never ever thought you would do, or even thought you would be able to do.

The things I am most looking forward to:

1. Getting new windows for our bedroom (The room closest to the train tracks) to isolate the noise and keep the bugs away.

2. Getting rid of the Eastern toilet and getting a Western toilet. If you are not familiar with the Eastern toilet, it is basically a hole on the floor and you flush by pouring a small bucket of water over it.

eastern toilet

3. Finishing all the important house fixings, to start decorating with awesome Indian home decor.

All in all.. I couldn’t do any of this (without God) and without my soulmate, and I am happy to have their company and love every day. And I had a good day today finding things I needed in town (post about it coming next).

Stay tuned for the continuation of my crazy adventure.

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