The Ying and the Yang of India

yin yang

Like any place in the world, there are good and bad things in India.

The good and bad things I will state, are related to each other. So, that is why it is ying and yang.


The Good: Cute baby lizards living and roaming in our house.

The Bad: Not cute ants, spiders, flies and mosquitoes living in our house.


The Good: Fresh cooking. No frozen or canned or processed foods. All fresh ingredients from nearby stores or the market.

The Bad: No Kraft Mac & Cheese.


The Good: Indian people are so helpful. They go out of their way to provide help. They will stop what they are doing, travel distances, and many times they help without even asking them.

The Bad: The lack of privacy and occasional language barrier. They will come to your house [to offer help and bring things] unannounced and when you are still sleeping or in the shower.


The Good: How cheap rent is.

The Bad: You have to pay and provide your own lease contract, the house doesn’t come clean unless it is new, and it doesn’t come with appliances either.


The Good: We have to take a mandatory vacation this October (due to visa expiration). We are thinking Thailand.

The Bad: Dealing with extending our visas.


The Good: How cheap everything is in general.

The Bad: Being overcharged for everything because you are not Indian, and especially if you are white.



2 thoughts on “The Ying and the Yang of India

  1. Do they barter there? I remember when I was first learning to barter with the locals in Afghanistan. It is a challenge for sure.


    1. I haven’t seen or experienced any bartering here yet. So, so far, the answer is no. There is bargaining and being overcharged, as I mentioned in the post.
      p.s. I followed your blog.


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