Photos: A Gift From The Field

field farmers train

Josh and I went for a walk, and when we got to the field after crossing the train tracks, we saw some women, men and children working in the field. It seemed they were harvesting. One women motioned me to come and offered me some of what they were harvesting. They were some kind of beans in a skinny green pod. She gave me a bunch and I put them in my bag. Josh and I continued our walk and I wished I had taken some photos of the moment.

Maybe half an hour later we headed back and found the women still there. The train happened to be passing by, so we had to stop anyway. Josh and I took some photos (with our crappy phone cameras) and they offered me even more of these beans which I carried back in my hands because I had no more space in my bag. The woman opened one and took out the beans and fed them to me. They were small bright green beans which didn’t taste bad at all.

It is fun eating things from the “wild”, from their natural habitat. I came to the conclusion that they were mung beans, which I learned about just recently.

(Photo by Josh)
(Photo by Josh)

field farmersfield farmers

We both agreed that these are the moments that we like about India.

field cows
(Photo by Josh)



Candid shot of Josh.

mung beans mung beans

I think I’m going to add them to my hummus next time I make it.

5 thoughts on “Photos: A Gift From The Field

  1. Mung beans… YUM!!!…. The pix look fine!.. What kind of camera did you have in the States?


    1. Thanks… We had a Canon T2i, which was a wonderful DSLR on the cheap side of DSRLs, and SO much better than what I have now to work with.


  2. Oh.. and how come you had to leave it behind?


    1. We didn’t technically own it, it was given as a gift to an organization to which we became the unofficial photographers and we had it with us at all times, so we used to use it for the organization and for personal use as well. When we left the US, we had to leave the camera, as it wasn’t ours. Makes sense? 🙂


  3. I understand… and it makes sense!!


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