My New Feline Friend

I saw a greyish/brownish cat in my backyard a couple weeks ago. I decided to buy some cat food and leave some in the backyard every day. For many days the food disappeared but I never saw who was eating it. I know there are a couple cats and dogs around.

Then one day, Josh and I were taking afternoon tea in our backyard, when suddenly this kitty came by. I don’t know yet if he/she is a girl or a boy, but I think he is a boy from seeing the back of his tail from a distance, so I will continue with that assumption until proper analysis. I ran to the kitchen to get some food and gave it to him. He ate it from a distance and hung out with us for a bit. The next day I was hoping to see him again, but I didn’t.

(I like cats a lot. Especially after having the best two kitties living with us back in the U.S.)

About three nights ago, I saw the kitty rummaging in our trash in our porch, so I ran to the kitchen to get some food. He ran away but then slowly came back when he saw I had food.

We started bonding after this. I started seeing him more and more.

He began to come every day around 6 pm, I would feed him and give him water. I sacrificed my 1/3 measuring cup to use as a water bowl.

kitty kitty1 kitty2

I love it when cats stick their tongues out.


kitty12 kitty10 kitty7

Two days ago, I made the biggest progress. I hung out with him at our porch, I fed him, I was able to pet her only when he was eating, and he showed signs of happiness and comfort.








And a lot of talking.

kitty11 kitty16



He is also not afraid of the camera.

I have been trying to think of a name for him, but I can’t seem to come up with one that fits.

As I write this post, he is lying on our front door mat, occasionally meowing. He has been for last 2 hours.  I want to vaccinate him sooner than later since it looks he is going to keep coming back and spending a considerable amount of time around here. I mean, why wouldn’t he after tasting yummy store-bought kitty food?

kitty20  kitty18

7 thoughts on “My New Feline Friend

  1. Can’t believe she let you take such good pics of her!


    1. I know, me neither. My cat who lived with us for two years in the US never liked the camera. But this cat seemed to not mind it at all. She got pretty comfortable quite quickly.


      1. Haha… Back in India, my mom never really cared to keep pets. She hates pet hair.
        But she always fed any pregnant and mommy cats that came around. I always tried taking pics of them, never with much success! This one might like you a lot…


      2. Oh wow. I think she really likes the food, more than me. haha


  2. You can give her a food name. I had a kitten called Idli once.

    I used to want to adopt another and name him Samosa. Or Sambar. Or Daal.


    1. Yeah! I was actually thinking of Tikka (like chicken tikka) haha. My husband jokes that his full name could be Kitty Tikka Masala. Sambar is cool too.


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