Decorated Cows Receive Prasad


We were heading home when suddenly, we saw a man with his two cows, and other men surrounding them, walking up the hill. These cows were all decorated with balloons and powdered paint. The only camera we had on hand, was Josh’s phone (which has a pretty crappy camera, unfortunately.)

He took some video and followed them towards Meher Baba’s Samadhi, where they were headed. I sat on a nearby bench and waited.

Josh came back with some more video and photos, and told me that the man walked the cows around the Samadhi, and then they received prasad, which is a gift, usually food, first offered to a deity, perfect master, or Avatar, and then offered in His or Her name to their followers as a blessing.

cowssamadhi cowsprasad cowssamadhi1 cowssamadhi2 cowssamadhi3 cowssamadhi4 cowsprasad3 cowsprasad1


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