We Are Converting Auto Rickshaws To Electric: Be Part Of It!

auto rickshaw

Would you like to help make our Earth better?

Do you have a special relationship or fondness towards India?

Would you like to help improve the lives and environment of the people in India?

Are you interested in global climate change and would like to help adopt cleaner energy sources?

Would you like to have a video of your message painted on an Indian auto rickshaw?

If you answered yes to any of the above (or you are curious anyhow), please read on: 

During our first three months in India, Josh and I (mostly Josh) have been working on a special project:

Basically, we are converting auto rickshaws to electric. Auto rickshaws are used for short distances because they are slow and open-aired, and provide cheap and efficient transportation; they are everywhere and a critical part of the Indian economy. But they are also very polluting and noisy. According to the World Resource Institute there are more than one million gas powered auto rickshaws in active use in India right now.

auto rickshaws india
Indian auto-rickshaw drivers play carrom amid their vehicles at an auto stand. source

Electric rickshaws exist already, but they are in no way affordable to the average rickshaw driver and if they broke down, the driver would not be able to repair it easily or even afford any of the repairs. So this is how Josh came up with the brilliant idea of making conversion kits. The rickshaw drivers get to keep their rickshaw and all they need to do is replace their engine with the electric conversion kit that we will provide for free.

After the conversion is made, the rickshaw driver can go to a Hot Swap Shop to swap their battery with a fully charged battery. The rickshaw driver will pay only for the electrons he uses. This system will effectively replace their regular stop at the gas station. The converted rickshaw will be more powerful, quiet, easy to repair, environment-friendly and cheaper to use, especially since gas prices are going up. In India, all of the oil is imported.

Converting the essential rickshaws to electric, will without a doubt, improve the lives of these rickshaw drivers, their families, and the people in the villages, towns and cities where they are used. And you can help!


We have launched a fundraising project at Indiegogo!

Our goal:

To convert 400 auto rickshaws and install four hot swap shops in the pilot city of Ahmednagar, India in the state of Maharashtra a few hours from Pune and Mumbai.

This is where we live. Once we get this city done, the possibilities for India are endless. Funding this Indiegogo project will create a new transportation model that has the potential to stop more than a million gas engines from polluting the earth. You are also dramatically improving the life of a driver, his family, and the community where they live.

Ahmednagar India map
The red pin marks Ahmednagar.

In addition, we are offering different perks depending on the amount of your donation, from receiving a personal thank you video from a rickshaw driver to having your message painted on one of these rickshaws!

You can read all about the details of the project in the Indiegogo page. Please check it out.

We also have a Facebook Page.

And a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) page.

Let’s make this planet better together!

Oh and don’t forget you can also help by spreading the word through social media.

A big thank you.

josh rickshaw
Josh trying to start our dead auto rickshaw.
electric auto rickshaw india
photo by Siddharth Khajuria

8 thoughts on “We Are Converting Auto Rickshaws To Electric: Be Part Of It!

  1. this is an awesome idea! am sharing this on my social media pages. wish you guys all luck! also, why don’t you contact the Indian ministries (ministry of renewable energy, and also the transport division within the Ministry of urban development)? Have some friends who are working on sustainable transport, could put you guys in touch in case you already aren’t!


  2. Can I get more details about electric retrofit kit for auto.


  3. Hey,I am engineering student & I have ‘Bajaj Chetak’ (150cc,2 stroke petrol engine) scooter & ‘Honda Dio'(100cc,4 stroke petrol engine) is there any way I can fix that electric conversion kit on either of them;if it’s possible please please reply ASAP.I live in Pune.

    – Rajat K.


    1. Hi Rajat, we would love to convert scooters to electric, but right now the project needs funds.
      Hopefully it will be possible in the near future.


  4. Arun Dengri phone 9810135948 January 28, 2014 — 2:59 am

    I am in Delhi, Can I help you in Delhi Or nearby towns where they still use petrol / gasoline. If I put whole hearted efforts, will it be financially viable / profitable venture. Now on Battery Swap shop.
    I understand in the biggining till a threshhold number of auto riksha’s are converted, Swap shop owners need some payments for charging the batteries.

    I need to understand how your Auto conversion to electric could be so cheaper (free),
    since reasons for Reva, not being popular is purely the cost factor. not only the initial cost but cost of changing whole set of batteries after every two years offset the adwantages of the chepaer fuel. Arun Dengri Contact phone 9810135948


  5. yes , stsrt from narendra modi constitutency to focous n natinal level ..huge nos of auto rickshwas ae running here


  6. Prabhakar K. Krishnaswamy May 13, 2015 — 11:39 am

    Dear Friends,

    Please confirm, can you do this in Bengaluru Karnataka India?????


  7. I need to know how much a conversion cost?
    Do you have an installation manual?
    What about spare parts?
    What is the electric motor output rating?
    How far/long in a full charge?


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