I’m Not Just A Shy Introvert, I Have Social Anxiety

I’m not just shy, I have social anxiety. I’m not an introvert, I have social anxiety. If you know me you think of me as “introverted”, “shy”, “quiet”. It’s just my personality, right? And you like me anyway. The truth is, I live with a constant inner struggle. I’m not just naturally shy and quiet. It’s a fricking battle inside me. (more…)

The Big Move From Utah To Texas In Photos

As you may know, we moved from Northern Utah to Central Texas last week. Logan to Austin. We drove there and it was quite the road trip. In fact, the longest one I've ever gone in. A lot of packing, mental and physical preparation, carrying, loading, unloading, had to be done. But I survived and even though I didn't have the best time ever, I dealt with it better than I imagined. (more…)

We Moved! (Again) Guess To Where?

The last couple of weeks were hectic because we were preparing for a cross-states move and actually moving. We packed and moved everything by ourselves, carried heavy boxes up and down stairs a million times, drove for 3 days straight (pretty much), and moved into a completely new environment. I'm still recovering. Vincent (Van Gato), our cat, came along. But we're still in transition. We still have to find a place to get settled down. 

I Suck At Goodbyes… Like, REALLY Suck At Them

I Suck At Goodbyes… Like, REALLY Suck At Them
I was thinking this morning while I was eating my breakfast at the dining table by myself. A scrambled egg with salsa verde, avocado, one tortilla, and a side of a gluten-free frozen waffle (actually toasted not frozen) half with butter and half with almond butter and honey. That's how weird I am but that is not the topic of this post. I was thinking about goodbyes. And I came to the realization that I suck

We All Need A Kumbaya Moment Right About Now

What in the world is going on?? I mean, on top of the constant bad worldy news - draughts, terrorist attacks, corruption, impending economy collapse, impeding war?... It seems that people's personal lives are in chaos too. In the last week I think I have read more sad personal posts than I have ever in accumulation. They all have something in common, it goes something like this: "Sometimes life just sucks. And that’s just the situation

Realization – What Was I Thinking?

A few days ago I wrote a rant/vent post about how I was mad because people (friends and family) were not giving me sh*t about sh*t I did. I was mad about how these people that care for me weren't telling me I did something wrong or I made a mistake. I was mad because they weren't being honest with me. I didn't want a free ticket to selfishness. And I was completely wrong to be angry about

I Don’t Understand How People Think Right Now

Wtf is this shit. I do something terrible, wrong, selfish thing and everyone from all angles (except for one and myself) keeps telling me I did nothing wrong, that it was God's plan, to not feel guilty... Wtf. I'm baffled, confused. Why? How? I don't want praise, I don't want pity, I want people to say "yeah you fucked up", "people make mistakes", "when did you become so selfish?" (this is one I wonder every

The Proust Personality Questionnaire

Have you heard of the Proust Questionnaire? It is basically a personality interview made famous by the answers provided by Marcel Proust a French writer, at the end of the nineteenth century. Proust was asked to fill out the questionnaire at social events when he was 13, and again when he was 20. (more…)