7 Weeks Later: 1 Indian Visa Down, 1 To Go

It happened.

It took 7 weeks and 3 days, but we have finally received Josh’s passport and visa!

From the official website: “Applications sent by mail for US citizens born in the US take approximately 7 – 10 Business days to process from the date of receipt.” Yeah? In what world?

Last May, Josh applied for a ten year business visa, they gave him six months.

We moved to India, and came back to the US to renew our visas.

This time Josh applied for a ten year Business Visa, and they gave him five years.

Ten years would’ve been great, but I am relieved about the five years instead of one year or even six months. I cannot get an Entry Visa longer than five years anyway.

Now, it’s my turn to apply, and guess what? There is no way we are going through this again, so I am flying to Mexico, my home country and where I am still a citizen of, and I am applying there. In the meantime, I get to visit family and friends. I think it was a year ago last time I visited. You don’t even know how excited my mom is.

I am hopeful the process will be a lot smoother and faster because in Mexico City I can apply directly in person and directly at the Indian Embassy. Processing times are supposed to be 2-3 working days. Here in the US, I would have to apply by mail, through a company who then sends the application to the Indian consulate. It would be the Embassy only if you are part of the Washington DC jurisdiction, and you would still need to go through BLS, the company.

I am flying there this weekend or beginnings of next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I’m shooting for a 5 year Entry Visa.

And in case you missed the whole visa story, here are the previous posts:


2 thoughts on “7 Weeks Later: 1 Indian Visa Down, 1 To Go

  1. Awwww my gosh!!
    I am applying for my visa next week. I am going in person so it will only take 2 days because I cannot wait…

    God only knows what registering a marriage, getting an X visa and a PIO card will be like haha.

    So happy that you have finally got his visa!!! Have a lovely time in Mexico x


    1. Thanks Lauren. Good luck with all of your applications!


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