2 Months Later: 2/2 Visas

We finally got two visas. Neither of us got what we wanted, but we got something.

The visa nightmare ends here, but just temporarily.

Josh got his 5 year Business Indian Visa after applying for a 10-year.

And I, get this, got a 1-year Tourist Indian Visa after applying for a 5-year Entry Visa.

I went to Mexico, my home country, last week to visit friends and family and to apply for an Indian Visa.

Last Monday, I went to the Indian Embassy in person, and right there they told me that they couldn’t give me an Entry Visa based on my husband’s Business Visa because you can’t be a resident with such visa.They said it’s possible with an Employment Visa though, I guess will try that one in 5 years. So they offered me a 1 year tourist visa. He was actually trying to be nice because they usually only give out 6-month tourist visas. I was insisting about the Entry Visa, because I had gotten an Entry Visa before in the US, although it was just a 6-month Entry Visa. But I stopped insisting when he said: “Do you want the 1 year tourist Visa, or should I cancel everything?”

He also wanted me to pick up my visa the following Monday, but my plane was leaving on Saturday. Already grumpy, the officer agreed to a Friday pick-up but he asked me to come back the next day with proof of my paid flight.

And that was it, last Friday at 10am, after two months of waiting (including Josh’s visa) I received my 1-year tourist visa. Not very happy about it, but I guess it was better than 6 months, and it just means I’ll have to come back next year. I entrusted the situation to God, so whatever the outcome was, I was going to be accepting. I tried my best, but then I left the results to God.

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