R.I.P. My friend, My Macbook

Dear Mani’s Macbook Pro,

I never named you, but I should have. I met you in the summer of 2008 and during our almost 6 years together, you have been a great companion. You were my roommate in four different countries, you where the long distance connection between my soulmate (now my husband) and I, you were also the connection between my friends and family and I, and you helped me through tough financial times by living in a Pawn Shop for 10 days, I’m sorry I abandoned you during those days.

But after almost 6 years, I can no longer read anything in your monitor unless I zoom in quite a bit, your applications take ages to open, and you take ages to shut down, your speakers don’t work well anymore, nor do your fans that keep you and myself from burning hot. You started to do weird and unexpected things and your screen turned green yesterday while I was watching The Amazing Race.

Because of the monitor issues and your old age, I can’t sell you to a new owner, so I have chosen to sell you to Amazon, with their trade-in program, because you signed up to be an organ donor. You didn’t even come with a black keyboard, that’s how old you are. But you lasted a long time for a laptop, especially one who has travelled extensively and was abused by unstable energy and high voltage in foreign countries. You were truly great.

Thank you for always having a working keyboard in spite of many fallen food crumbs.

Don’t worry about me; my parents have taken care of my loss and given me a new laptop for Christmas, which I received today in the mail. It is lighter and smaller than you, and it has a black keyboard. I’m sure it will take good care of me and follow me across the world like you did. But I will always remember you as my first [laptop].

Thank you for the countless laughs, tears, and smiles that you provided me via chat and cat videos. I hope you have a blissful afterlife.

R.I.P. my friend,



3 thoughts on “R.I.P. My friend, My Macbook

  1. Poor “Mac”. There will be tears when my Mac passes over (although I hope its a while away yet)


  2. Aww such a lovely obituary. Becoming an organ doner is what he would have wanted!


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