“How long will you go on wandering like this?”

The pink path.
The pink path.

This morning, I came across this text and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It must be a direct message from God, and I’d like to share it with you as a note to self:

“How long will you go on wandering like this?

God is within and can be found only there. He should be searched for within, not outside! An outward journey to find Him has no value.

It is very difficult to stop wandering. Only when love for God is born does the wandering gradually come to a halt. The mind should turn to ashes in the fire of that love; and when it becomes charred, all your wanderings will cease.”

Meher Baba in Lord Meher, page 6286

 God’s timing is perfect.


5 thoughts on ““How long will you go on wandering like this?”

  1. Do you have answer for that question?


    1. For me it means that I can stop worrying about not being where God wants me to be. I used to constantly wonder: where does God want me to go? Where does God want me to be? I thought it mattered. But now I realize that He doesn’t really care as long as I keep loving Him and His people and reaching for Him within me.


      1. I think the same 🙂 And it was the best answer I got today from anyone 🙂


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