Checking Your Blog Is Like Sniffing Your Own Butt

Let me explain.

My hubby and I used to have a cat, Simba, that would do his “rounds” every night. This means that every night he would circle around our bed and go in and out of the bedroom a few times checking for predators and making sure it was safe so that mom, dad and himself could go to sleep safely.

He would also act as a guard by perching on the edge of the bed.

There was obviously never any danger of predators in our 2 bedroom single family home but it was in his nature. He had some wild cat characteristics.

At the end of his rounds, mom and dad were already in bed and when he felt it was all good, he would join us in bed, snuggle with us and go to sleep.

A few nights ago,  we were getting ready to go to bed and watch a movie on my laptop. I hadn’t checked my email and other stuff in a while, so before we started the movie I asked Josh if he would wait a couple of minutes for me to check my internet stuff.

We all have our different accounts that we need to check several times a day am I right? Oh, and we don’t have phones, so with a laptop is the way we spend most of our virtual time. I have a nexus tablet too but I don’t like using it unless the laptop is unavailable. I mostly use it for reading and at airports, the main purpose of me purchasing it.

Anyway, when I asked Josh I had to check my stuff, he said, “I understand, you need to do your “rounds”.” I laughed as I totally understood this analogy related to our Simba.

It was true, I needed to do my rounds and check my different accounts before I felt ready to watch the movie.

So, I quickly checked my Gmail, my Facebook, my Tumblr, and finally my WordPress. Then, I got stuck in my WordPress checking my blog, my stats, my wp reader, etc… A few minutes passed and Josh said, “you are not doing your rounds anymore, now you’re just sniffing your own butt.”

I laughed out loud and agreed at the statement/analogy. Checking my own blog and the “shit” that I created was like sniffing my own butt.

We are slaves to our own work and we feed of other’s people “praise”. I don’t like it, but its the reality.

Do you do your “virtual rounds” too?

5 thoughts on “Checking Your Blog Is Like Sniffing Your Own Butt

  1. Oh yes currently on rounds myself!


  2. Ha,haa! Nicely put,I need so sever grooming right now


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