Awesome Parents, An Awesome Prank, An Awesome World Record, and More

Photo of the day: Penguins wearing sweaters.

This week, I have been loving the nice weather and experiencing Spring in the Pacific Northwest for the first time. I also decided I love graham crackers and realized I might be a bit of a messy clean freak. Have a wonderful weekend! Please enjoy this week’s links:

A series of cats acting hilariuosly stupid

Because we all want to know, Quiz: Which Toy Story Character Are You?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are making another movie together

Just how terrifying can a story be in only two sentences?

Funny planter pots for black thumbs.

Have you noticed that limes are suddenly crazy expensive? Here’s why.

This dad creates art each day as he’s creating his daughter’s lunch.

Did you hear a 100-year-old Message In A Bottle was plucked from the Baltic Sea?

Even in the midst of war, a group of Syrian artists have used remnants of their broken capital city to construct a multimedia work of art in Damascus that set a new Guinness World Record for largest mural. How awesome is that?

With Google’s nutrition comparison tool, it’s finally possible to compare apples to oranges.

Super awesome prank

Moments from the past that will not happen again.

15 people who didn’t know the Titanic was actually real.

Mother Handmakes Amazing Disney Costumes for Daughter

Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad?

And What One Airline’s Doing to Make Your In-Flight Meal Taste Better

10 Awesome Floating Things

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