The Most Popular Posts of 2016

2016 came and went, and man was it a crazy year. I experienced some of the worst days of my life as well as well as some of the best. But no matter how tough it got this year, I come out of it extremely grateful and excited for the future. In 2016 I lived in three different states. Oregon, Utah, and now Texas. The moves were extremely stressful which added to the hard times

Weekly Small Pleasures #105

This week was hectic and it was exhausting. I had to make a million phone calls, which stress me out, I had to drive around a ton running errands and going to appointments, which also gives me tension (the driving part), I had to go to the dentist THREE days in a row, I began physical therapy for a hip labral tear which I've had for three years and just found out about it (yes

Weekly Small Pleasures #103

I would say it was a pretty good week. No issues. None that I remember at least, except for a couple nights of bad sleep and annoying mosquitoes. It's already mid-October, the month is going fast. Here are some things that made me happy this week: (more…)

Weekly Small Pleasures #102

I think this was a pretty good week. Probably the best one since we moved here over a month ago, because it's been rough. I was in pain often (hip problems), something's always gotta be going on, but here are a few things that made my week good: (more…)

Weekly Small Pleasures #100

100?? Wow. I never imagined I'd keep doing this for this long. But I realized it's fun. It's fun and nice to look back on the week on a positive note, and even when my weeks were nothing but gloomy it has forced me to look for something good and to be grateful. I have realized that finding things, however small, to be grateful for in our day to day life, allows us to live

Weekly Small Pleasures #98

I sometimes go through the week and jot down some of the small pleasures after I live through them to remember. This week I had absolutely nothing up until yesterday. Not because it was a bad week necessarily (not the best) but it was pretty uneventful at least for me, because until we move into our apartment at the end of the month, I'm stuck here at the Airbnb Monday through Friday, without a car and