That Time When I Left Everything And Took A Chance On My Soulmate

I have written about the time when I took a chance on life and changed it drastically to go live with my soulmate and live a life surrendered to God, but I haven’t told you about the actual moment when I left my old life and joined my new life, which was taking a major chance on itself. 

The seed is planted

Josh and I when we met in India. (2008)
Josh and I when we met in India. (2008)

Josh and I met in the summer of 2008 when we were both traveling in India for spiritual reasons, we hung out for about 2 weeks when the bond of lifetimes was formed. We kept contact via chat, email and mail (yes, actual handwritten letters) for a year. During that year, I was living in London (studying) and he was in the US.  I always knew that we were going to end up together, I always knew that he was my soulmate; but it happened faster than I imagined. I had two years left of college and my mind decided that we would get together after I graduated but my heart and my relationship with God were stronger.

The time I was at the reins of God

One night on September of 2009, I was chatting with Josh. I was in my bedroom in Mexico City and he was at a friend’s house in Florida. We were talking about getting together, but something outside of my mind and body was hitting me strongly about not waiting anymore, and just doing it now, as soon as possible. It was a crazy thought, impulsive even, but something outside of me made me do it. The only explanation for me is that God made me. You know, when He wants something, He makes it happen.

And in that moment, He wanted me to break loose of an old, comfortable life and jump into an adventurous, unpredictable, unconventional life along His side. This meant to leave everything (family, friends, college, and financial comfort) and start this new life focused on God with my soulmate.

So, right then I bought a ticket to fly out the next day from Mexico City to Florida, for good. To this day, I do not know how I made that decision, it baffles me, but it had to happen like that. I know God gave me the strength.

It still hurts me to think about the pain that my mom went through when she came into my room at around 9pm to find out that I was leaving the next day.

Josh had fallen asleep by the time I bought the ticket, and for another bizarre reason I didn’t even let him know that I was coming, not that night nor the next morning before I left. I could’ve easily sent him an email letting him know, but I didn’t. I think I was strangely possessed by God that night and through the next day, leading me to make these atypical decisions, giving me the guts and taking away any power of my mind to stop me from proceeding.

Note: before I made the decision to buy the ticket and before Josh fell asleep, he was feeling like this needed to happen too, and he simply told me that the next day he would be going to the Miami airport, a 2-hour drive from where he was staying, to wait for me whether I came or not. 

The day my life changed forever

The next morning, September 25th, 2009, I filled two red suitcases with clothes, as I was leaving for good. I drove nearby to my dad’s house to say goodbye to him, said goodbye to my mom, and took a taxi to the airport. Again, it pains me to think of these moments; one of the most selfish acts I’ve ever done.

But to this day, I know it was what God wanted me to do, and He basically made me do it, so…

Now, I have arrived at the Miami airport. This moment that I had imagined again and again all summer when I would meet with Josh and jump to his arms after a year of longing had arrived. He is not there.

I only have a Mexican phone, Josh doesn’t have a phone, and the internet is expensive. I wait before I purchase it because I don’t have a lot of money.

I decide to buy the internet and Josh isn’t online. This is actually a good sign because he’s always online (he’s a software developer).

By 11:30pm, me and another woman are the only ones there. I wait some more. I choose not to go search for Josh because I am with two suitcases and a carry-on and it is not convenient at all to go wander with all this stuff. I also can’t leave my stuff alone to go search, so I’m stuck.

I wait 4 long hours before I decide to leave and go find a hotel room. It’s 1 am. The closest hotel is the one at the airport. I have about $100 bucks in my account. The lady at the lobby is nice and tells me that I should take a hotel shuttle to a cheaper hotel. I go wait outside for a shuttle to come and I take the first one that comes. I am the only one in it. The driver speaks Spanish, I’m in Miami after all.

On the way to the hotel (only about a 5 min drive), I get a phone call. It’s Josh and he’s here.

“I’ve been waiting for you for the past 4 hours.” “I have too!” “Where are you?” “I’m heading to some hotel…”

After 4 hours he decided to drive around the airport to find a wi-fi signal, he’s calling me via Skype. I pass the phone to the driver so he can explain where we are going.

I am waiting for him with all my suitcases at the lobby of the Comfort Inn. About 5 minutes later, we meet. The beginning of the rest of our lives together begins now.

It’s late, so we spend almost all the money I have left to book a room for the night. (I still have the room key/card from that night.)

Apparently, there were several flights coming from Mexico City that day and he was waiting for me at the arrival exit of a different flight. He didn’t want to move in case I showed up.

We are just baffled by God’s game. What was the point of all this? Why did we both give up after the fourth hour and at the same time? We remind ourselves that the more you try to understand God the more you misunderstand Him, and we remind ourselves that resistance makes things last.

Post inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Take a Chance on Me

9 thoughts on “That Time When I Left Everything And Took A Chance On My Soulmate

  1. Omg this is awesome and exciting, I can so totally relate to your story since I did the same thing! Thank God there Mohamed was waiting fir me when I arrived in Egypt, that would have been scary to go through what happened to you, I’m so glad he found you right away!


    1. I’d love to know more people who did the same thing! 🙂 I bet there are more than we think.
      I’m glad too, that we found each other hehe.


      1. I’ve been thinking about that alot, Mani! I think you’re right, and I’d love to find them too! I’m starting to collect blog links to others like us, maybe I can make a blogroll or something like that, that would be great! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  2. What a great God story and an example of obedience on your part to jump in with both feet. God gives each one of us unique adventures and people to share those with. So glad you found your one!


    1. I agree that He gives us unique adventures. My husband and I spend almost 24/7 together and yet God still finds ways to give us separate unique adventures and missions. 🙂


  3. That’s one of the most beautiful real love stories I’ve ever read. Really moving.


  4. What a wonderful story of Love and Obedience to God’s leading.


    1. What a great way to sum it up! That is what I try to do every day. It’s hard to know sometimes what His wishes or leads are.


  5. What a beautiful love story! I love that you guys wrote hand-written letters. That’s so special and I’m sure are little treasures now.


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