I Want Your Opinion, Pretty Please

Hi there wonderful person,

I would love to make this blog better for you and I would love to have your opinion. If you don’t mind taking 5 minutes to respond to a simple 10 question survey, I would greatly appreciate it. It’s anonymous!

Click here to take the exciting survey!

To show my appreciation, here is a cute photo, a funny photo, an amazing photo, and an inspirational photo picked out just for you. Happy Sunday!

– M

6 thoughts on “I Want Your Opinion, Pretty Please

  1. Hi there, I too am trying to take up travel blogging as a hobby. All the best and happy blogging.


  2. I’ve just started doing blogging 201 / 101 have a look it’s really interesting.


    1. Hi Janey, thanks, yeah… I have been reading their posts, some of them are quite helpful, in fact that was what inspired me to do this survey 🙂


  3. Hola Mani. Acabo de completar tu Survey Monkey. Buena idea. Salu2


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