The Wanderer In Me

I dream about traveling ALL the time. I fantasize about going to so many places, I look at pictures of places around the world every day. I even have a tumblr where I curate all these amazing photographs and include my own.

I seriously love being at airports, however I’m liking being on airplanes less and less; I feel like they’re getting more uncomfortable each time. I love taking trains, but I don’t love car trips. I have some places that I would prefer going to than others, but I would go anywhere.

I think my parents instilled the travel bug in me since very young, I mean, they took me across the world [from Mexico] to India when I was just 6 years old.

I have two types of perfect vacations:

1. Italy

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

My husband and I would fly to Italy and travel across the country visiting several of its beautiful cities including Venice, Portofino, Florence, and Assisi. We would have brunches overlooking the Mediterranean, we would enjoy a bike ride along the coast and in between the Italian alleys, we would eat gelato every single day, sometimes more than once a day, I would stuff myself with Neapolitan pizza and fresh pasta. We would drink lots of wine before and after our romantic dinners along the rivers and bridges. We would attend film and chocolate festivals and we would speak Italian even if we sounded silly. (We actually both have a good Italian accent and understand quite a bit of it.)

It kills me a little bit to even fantasize about this wonderful and perfect trip and know that it’s not gonna happen.

2. Whistler (or another awesome ski resort in possibly Austria or Switzerland)

At Whistler Mountain
The View from Whistler Mountain, Canada

I love skiing. I learned when I was young and I have always loved it. It is too bad that going skiing for me is a luxury since I always have to rent the equipment and I have never lived near a ski resort. It has been about 6 years since I went skiing and I miss it. Some of my favorite trips have been with my family to Whistler, Canada.

Every day consisted of getting up early, having breakfast, heading to the slopes, having lunch at the top of the mountain, skiing down the mountain (or taking the gondola), removing our skiing boots (such an amazing feeling), getting some ice cream in spite the cold weather, taking a nap (post-skiing naps are the best naps I’ve ever taken), relaxing at the hotel hot tub or pool, going out for dinner, walking around the village, and having a good night’s sleep. It was a perfect day. I would repeat these trips every year if I could.

Bonus: The first time I ever tried Molten Chocolate Cake was in Whistler, so this place holds an even special place in my heart. :p

A few places I have never been to and would love to visit:


I’ve never been near Oceania, but I love Australian people and I just have a feeling I would love it there.


I haven’t seen much of Asia, besides India, and Japan would be on the top of my list for this continent. I think the Japanese people are amazing, their food is amazing and would love to try the authentic, local kind, and it wouldn’t be too bad to visit during Sakura season.

Tierra del Fuego (Chile/Argentina)

This place has [arguably] the southernmost city in the world, plus breathtaking scenery and wildlife. I’d love to go on a hike and sail the waters and also try some authentic South American cuisine.

What about you? Which 5 places would you love to visit?

[This post was inspired by today’s prompts: Daily Post: The Wanderer and IBQ Writing Prompt: Vacation]

8 thoughts on “The Wanderer In Me

  1. My list
    South Africa
    Hope I will go there soon 🙂


  2. Both of your vacations sound wonderful! Whistler is close enough for us to visit but I’ve never been skiing in my life. We would love to visit India some day. Our oldest son is adopted from there and we sponsor a little girl in the Ballia area. It would be so great too meet her someday!


    1. There is no place like India. I’ve never heard of Ballia, had to google it 😉


  3. Peru is at the top of my list right now … I’ve always dreamed of going to Machu Picchu. But I also can’t get the idea of going to LIsbon out of my head. I’m tempted to just buy a ticket to Portugal and go explore … I wish!!


    1. You should! Haha. Interesting choices. Not the typical ones 😉


  4. Great choices! 🙂 Since I am fortunate that Taiwan is my home (the country is sooooooooo under-rated). Others:
    Tibet, Israel, Denmark, Nepal, Netherlands.


  5. I definitely want to do India/Nepal/Bhutan but also Costa Rica and Brazil! Enjoy your travels and safe journeys xo


    I feel everyone should travel solo at least once in their life.To travel solo is to let go of everything that you have been certain about for all your life.It is the exhilaration that comes with uncharted territory, language barriers, plans that only last a day and just a backpack of belongings


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