Misplaced Forgiveness

Dear Thomas,

You hurt me deeply with your actions. I lost everything because of you. I was in pain for so long because of you. I do not know how a person can be capable of such evil. I fail to understand why but accept that there is a reason for it. I am soon on my way out of this life but I wanted to let you know before it’s too late that I forgive you. 

I forgive you. 



As I finish reading these handwritten words in a delicately folded letter that I found laying on the street and which had been ignored by a few as it had been clearly stepped on, all I can think of even though it might be an impossible task is that I need to find Thomas.


8 thoughts on “Misplaced Forgiveness

  1. I like the notion you present that forgiveness can be ignored or trampled upon…good job!


  2. That letter stirs up some deep emotions.. I hope you are able to find Thomas! Where did you find this?


  3. “Soon on my way out of this life” rings a very sad bell. Canvassing the stores, buildings, near where you found it? Sound like an impossible task. Wish I could help… Wait…Wait! Print it, the whole text on an A4 format pare with biiiig bold letters and paste it on walls, telephone posts? (Leave J out?) (Bueno, allá no se puede hacer eso, vdd? pegar el anuncio en todas partes) Or ask stores to post it. Matter of life and death… Qué te parece la idea?


  4. Hell. Take J’s initial out and put a post data: “You who wrote this don’t even think about it! WE care about you! 🙂
    (I’m serious)


    1. Brian, I love your ideas and how much you cared. This, however was a fiction short story I wrote as an exercise. 🙂


      1. Gracias a Dios! Worked beautifully! Ya me estaba preocupando! Q idiota soy! Well congratulations: this was a master piece of fiction! 🙂
        Buen fin!


  5. All I can say is Wow! So much emotion in this letter! So raw and unrestrained! So many questions come yo mind.What a search to embark on. Good luck


  6. Wow! I hope you can find him 🙂


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