Jack Sparrow Getting Arrested, a Quinceañera and More: Sights of Downtown Portland

portland downtown tree
A girl and her puppy hanging out on the tree

A couple of weekends ago, my hubby and I spent the day in Downtown Portland. We enjoyed the colors of the CityFair, we strolled by the Saturday Market, and we rented bikes and rode them around the river and across the bridges. While doing all of this, we encountered some unique sights that made our day all the better. 

People at the park

portland downtown park bw

portland downtown park tree bw
A mom with a tattoo, a girl, her puppy and a tree.

portland saturday market8

Portland’s Saturday Market

portland saturday market3

portland saturday market
Tin man and his balls.
portland saturday market1
Free chalk to paint on the pavement.
portland saturday market2
Me giving it a go.
portland saturday market4
Jack Sparrow getting arrested.

Okay fine, they were just posing for us. It was the security guard’s idea.

portland saturday market5 portland saturday market6 portland saturday market7portland saturday market9 portland saturday market10 portland saturday market11

Renting Bikes

I highly recommend doing this. We rented ours from Waterfront Bicycles with great prices and selections.

portland waterfront bikes2
Cyclyst counter. The number was at 1013 when we left.

portand waterfront bikes josh portland downtown bikesportland waterfront bikes josh portland waterfront bikes me portland waterfront downtown

Is that a quinceañera I see?
Is that a quinceañera I see?
Yes it is.
Yes it is.
Off they go to the next shoot location.
Off they go to the next shoot location.

portland waterfront

Keep Portland Weird. 

2 thoughts on “Jack Sparrow Getting Arrested, a Quinceañera and More: Sights of Downtown Portland

  1. Wow I have always wanted to check Portland out as it is only a few hours away from where I live (In British Columbia in Canada) You’re pictures reflect the exact old school vibe I expected to have! Great shots!


    1. Thanks! Portland is quite a unique place with unique people. BC is pretty amazing too though, I must say.


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