A Little Something Extra

sky durham game
A white line in the sky intersects the baseball game lights.

Sometimes, moments and places are photographed with a little something extra that makes them special. Sometimes, this little something extra is unintentional, like the famous photobombing action. But I’ve got none of those to share. 

Here are a few photos from my travels with a little something extra:

train tracks india
A man accompanies the train tracks which otherwise might have been a plain sight.
india truck eye
This big Indian truck comes to life with an eye. He doesn’t seem very pleased.
flower meherazad india
A bright red flower decides to be the center of attention popping on top of these lively green plants.
portland downtown park tree bw
Both a tattoo on the woman’s back and the puppy on the tree create a story in this scene.
Pendant bird nests.
A few birds decide to give this simple open well a little extra by setting up their pendant nests near it. .
auction dollhouse
Is that a giant out the door?
Which one was your favorite?

10 thoughts on “A Little Something Extra

  1. Probably the eye on the truck!


  2. Wow, I really like the theme of this post! My favorite is the puppy in the tree 🙂


    1. Thank you. I really like that picture too. It was quite a sight in real life.


  3. Beautiful pictures 🙂 The dollhouse is our favorite. Talk doing a double take!


  4. Lovely… You have an eye for detail.


  5. The dollhouse startled me!! I think that was my favorite. Great photos. 🙂


  6. I like the man sitting on the train tracks. All in all great photos.


  7. Such great shots…good question! I think the last one…it impressed me hahaha then the one with the tree, which shows many details 🙂


  8. The nests are my favorite.



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