Travel Theme: Fresh

The most delicious street freshly made, warm bread you'll ever eat.
The most delicious freshly made, warm street bread you’ll ever eat. Found in Budapest.

Fresh is such a wonderful characteristic. Fresh makes everything better from baked goods to flowers. There is nothing better than a freshly baked cookie, am I right? I’ve found a fair share of fresh things across my travels from Cancun to India. Look below to go on a journey of freshness.

Tomato tasting at the farmers market in Durham, NC
Tomato tasting at the farmers market in Durham, NC
Fresh laundry in India
Fresh laundry in India
The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.
The fresh underground waters of a cenote in Cancun.
king ahmed tomb india11
Collecting fresh water from the well, in rural India.
duke gardens durham snow7
Fresh snow at the Duke Gardens in Durham, NC
Fresh paint on diy pots out in the terrace in Mexico City.
Fresh paint on DIY pots out in the terrace in Mexico City.
Fresh flowers at the PSU farmer’s market, Downtown Portland
roasted chiles
Freshly roasted peppers at the farmer’s market, Downtown Portland
Fresh sugarcane juice machine.
Fresh sugarcane juice machine in India.
Fresh milk delivery being poured to be boiled, in India
chapati roti
Nothing like a fresh homemade chapati (or roti).
 Which one was your favorite fresh photo?

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Fresh

  1. Your posts make me nostalgic for home! Did you take these pictures? Fantastic shots – love it. My favourite has to be the roti! Doesn’t get fresher than a fresh roti hot of the “thava.”


    1. Thanks! Yes, I took these pictures. Almost 100% of the photos I use in this blog are taken by me. 🙂


  2. The fresh underground water in Cancun!


  3. My favorite is probably the girl collecting the fresh well water in India, probably because it gives such a realistic glimpse of life. It’s easy to imagine those same people there, living their lives even at this moment.


  4. Fascinating pics for the theme. I enjoyed. 🙂


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