Featured in Travel Bug Tuesday – Read My Full Interview!


I have been featured in Deanna’s Travel Bug Tuesday @ Wanderlust: Talk About Beauty.

Below is a sneak peak of the interview, but you can read the whole interview here.

Mani ( http://www.anewlifewandering.com ) is a girl in her twenties with a name from India but born and raised in Mexico City. In 2008 she met her soul-mate (an American) while traveling in India. She blogs about travel, food and photography as well as her personal unpredictable experiences, attempting to seek a simpler life, wandering around the world, and surrendering to God.

Let’s get personal! ♥

  1. What fuels you to travel? What inspires you?

I do not remember the day where I got the travel bug. I think I was born with it. I think it didn’t help that my parents weren’t afraid to take me far and to different places. At 7 years old I had already traveled across continents. For college, I simply did not see myself staying in my home country, even though I love it there, and it wasn’t enough to simply move to our neighboring country, the USA. So, after graduating High School, I moved by myself for the first time to the faraway land of London, England. I have been moving ever since, traveled to about 20 countries and lived in 5 different cities (in 4 different countries).

2. What countries have you visited already?

USA, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Martinique, St. Martin, Spain, France, England, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India.

Read the full interview. 

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