Sparkle Around The World

portland christmas
Christmas ornaments in Portland, OR

I’m not a girly girl so I’m not into sparkly things very much, but I have managed to capture a few sparkly things across my travels. Enjoy!

the dalles oregon rodeo8
The girls’ shirts sparkle at the rodeo in The Dalles, OR
val disere skiing france8
The water sparkles in Val D’Isere, France
sunshine mill winery the dalles16
A wine bottle chandelier sparkling at the Sunshine Mill Winery
In front of the Soumaya Museum
Sparkling buildings in Mexico City
A lot of sparkle at the stainless steel store in India
Rome, Italy
This photo of Rome, Italy just seems to sparkle to me.
A ship in London, UK
This ship is kind of sparkling no? In London
museum of flight seattle
“Carrying the Fire” pin in honor of Apollo 11 sparkles at the Museum of Flight in Seattle
indian children
Children’s eyes sparkling
jewelry india
A boy picking some sparkling jewelry for whom I wonder?

Which one was your favorite?

14 thoughts on “Sparkle Around The World

  1. Goodness, those mountains are spectacular! These are some great shots, keep on going! Cheers and Happy New Years!


  2. What a wonderful collection Mani! I think the ship and the reflection are definitely sparkling. 🙂


  3. The children are beautiful, where are they? Local children always light up any holiday!


  4. All of them are wonderful! But the pin photo captured my heart!


  5. The wine chandelier. Happy New Year!


  6. I love the picture of Rome! Btw, have you traveled around places like Vietnam and Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year? All the shops are full of bright shiny red and gold trinkets. It’s quite the visual feast!


    1. Sounds amazing! I’ve never traveled to those places.


  7. Loved all the sparkling pics. 🙂 they are beautiful.


  8. Great take on the theme, and your third photo of the mountains is outstanding.


      1. I admire ur freedom. Be safe, be happy, be free.


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