Trees Around The World

portland autumn

I love trees. I think there is a magical beauty than comes from trees. They are full of life even though they are stationary. They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. They adapt and they can last for centuries. They provide us with so much too: fruit, seeds, air, paper, shelter, furniture… you name it. They are truly amazing creatures of nature. We owe them. 

Below is a series of trees I have captured in images from across my travels from London to New Hampshire and more.

long beach 06618
Trees on the way to the beach in Long Beach, Washington
Amartithi in India
Crowds gathering around this amazing tree.
Hyde Park during winter
Bald winter trees in Hyde Park, London
laconia new hampshire3
Fall trees in Laconia, New Hampshire.
Hiking in the snow - Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon
Snowed in trees in the Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon
acapulco mexico beach17
Palm trees in Acapulco, Mexico.
portland saltandstraw nature bamboo
Bamboo trees by the streets of Portland, OR.
Tall trees at the Eno River Park, Durham, North Carolina.
An awesome autumn tree in Durham, North Carolina.
zocalo mexico city
Christmas tree at the Zocalo, Mexico City.
oregon brew fest portland9
Trees creating shade and protecting people from the heat at the Brew Fest in Portland.
The Black and White Tree Lovers.
Black and white trees hugging in India.
duke gardens durham snow5
Trees bending over from the weight of the snow at the Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.
hood river oregon9
Weird tree trunk in Hood River, OR
A lonely tree?
A lonely tree provides shade for this guard in India.

Which one was your favorite?

12 thoughts on “Trees Around The World

  1. The black and white trees hugging in India… although all were stellar and gorgeous. I too love trees and also rocks!

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  2. Black and white tree hugging, but I like them all. The big green forrest was really beautiful too. They all are.


  3. Bonita colección de arboles. (Incluyendo el Zócalo!)


  4. I love all trees but must agree the black and white hugging trees in India were amazing

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  5. Eno River Park, Durham

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  6. I love trees! Really great variety of my favorites!

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  7. I think Trees are our ancestors ,they can live without us but we can’t…

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  8. Holly Beddome May 9, 2015 — 11:20 pm

    I like the one sheltering the guard in India, and the bright orange one in North Carolina! Trees are amazing. I love this time of year, when the abundance of bright green leaves everywhere still feels like a novelty. 🙂


    1. So you like minimalistic photography 🙂 I love those two as well.


  9. Beautiful collection!


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