Grilling Methods Around The World Infographic

grill around the world

Summer and barbecue go together like cucumbers and mango (and if you haven’t tried that combination I highly recommend it), but grilling the same way can get boring at times, which is why it’s fun to try different ingredients and preparations from time to time!

While there are plenty of different “traditional” American methods for grilling, cultures all over the world have their own fun, distinct, and delicious methods of grilling too. Why not try some of them? For example, in Brazil barbecuing is called Churrasco, and they use flavors you’d hardly ever see in American grilling! And in Germany, their unique style is called Schwenker.

Check out the following infographic about the different grilling methods from around the world.

How People Grill Around the World

Infographic by: PersonalCreations: How People Grill Around The World

Which style is your favorite? And which one sounds the most intriguing to you?

5 thoughts on “Grilling Methods Around The World Infographic

  1. When I lived in South Africa, the art of bbq known as Braai was like a religion. Very serious and very tasty. I also enjoyed the bbq culture of Korea which made for long and lazy meals which, if you were a meat eater, were delicious. Anything Mexican grilled is awesome as I remember loving tacos el pastor when I spent time there. Now as a vegan, my food tastes have changed and I am not sure which would appeal to me most,,, depending on if they do their veggie dishes on the grill. If they do, I am sure they would be just as tasty as the grill just seems to make everything more delicious.


    1. Oh so you’ve tried a few different and unique ones! How cool. In many places, I know Mexico and Japan also grill their veggies and they come out delicious! You’ll have the best grilled spring onions (not scallions, the ones with a larger bulbous base) in Mexico. :p

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    2. Looking forward to the braised!????

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  2. Love this! Just read another post about barbecue in the States…I guess summer is here! We’re very boring in this country with our charred burgers and sausages! But looking forward to South Africa Braai…


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