Ahmednagar, The Nearest Indian City to the Most Peaceful Place in India

With this post I continue to take you with me and my journey from my last trip to India. Ahmednagar is not any place that any tourist would decide to go. Most people don’t even know where it is but if you decide to visit the most peaceful place in the world, you will surely pass by and even spend time in Ahmednagar which is just a few miles from Meherabad, the location of the aforementioned peaceful place.

Ahmednagar is in the state of Maharashtra, about 2 hours from Pune and about 5 1/2 hrs from Mumbai by car.

india2015 town

Ahmednagar is the place we go to when staying at the MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) and when we need some hustle and bustle in our lives, and go shopping for Indian treasures (like real cheap and good quality essential oils, incense and turmeric). It’s also where we go get our sweet fix!

india2015 bus

There is a free and clean bus service that goes from the MPR to Ahmednagar almost every day. It drops you in town where you take a rickshaw and move around more easily to go do what you please and a few hours later you get back in the bus to get back to the peace and quiet of the MPR.

india2015 sweethome

Sweet Home is a good place to satisfy your sweet fix, especially with cold sweets like ice cream.

india2015 sweethome1

I had mango ice cream which was delicious.

colors of india20130725_171248

Shopping in Nagar (Ahmednagar’s nickname) can be very productive. In the course of two trips to town we bought lots of goodies including: scarfs, Ayurvedic beauty products, silver jewelry (you can find very affordable and real silver and gold), spices like turmeric and garam masala, lots of incense, essential oils and aloe vera, beautiful sandals and flats, and nice gifts like beautiful cotton shirts for the men in your life, and Indian boxes and other trinkets and figurines.

Everything for amazing prices; remember, this is not a touristy place and the quality if you know where to look, can be very high accompanied with amazing prices.

india2015 sweetshop

Do stop at the sweet shop like this one for some traditional sweets. My favorite are the ones made with cashews (kaju).

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india2015 sweetshop1

The cool thing about going shopping in India is that every shop specializes in something, it’s not like you go to one place and buy everything you need. There is a shop for stainless steel, there is a shop for plastic household products, there is a shop for fabric, a shop for bathroom and pharmacy things called medical shops (don’t tell a driver to take you to the drug store in India, they will look at you weird), a shop for just incense, a shop of sweets.. you get the idea.


The other cool thing is that the rickshaw drivers know where everything is and you just tell them what you need and they’ll take you there, and onto the next and the next shop.

The streets are like a maze and while walking through them you have to dodge oncoming traffic. It is a little adventure to go shopping in town. Make sure you bring a scarf to cover your nose and mouth from the dust and your head from the sun.

Two Mexicans in India.

india2015 street12india2015 street13

8 thoughts on “Ahmednagar, The Nearest Indian City to the Most Peaceful Place in India

  1. [ Smiles ] India on the whole is a very beautiful place!


  2. i love this post! Amazing and incredible India Thank you


  3. Love this kind of shopping!


  4. Adding this to my ever growing list of posts that I am saving from your blog – in preparation for my one-day-in-my-life trip to MPR! 🙂


  5. realplacespeoplestories October 30, 2015 — 4:56 am

    Look like a great place. I like that it is peaceful, because India can be a bit busy for my taste. Though really really beuatiful 🙂


  6. It’s nice to have stores that specialize in one particular category. However, when you need to run your errands on a regular basis it gets old fast. Especially since it often means running all over the city or having to carefully plan your errands based on where you are going so you can stop at the specific shops along the way. The upside? The owners and workers typically have a better idea of what they are talking about and most of them know what all inventory they have available. Awesome clicks, BTW!


    1. Yeah, I guess it is nice finding everything you need in one day at just one place.


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