Food Trucks Roll Into India – Here Are 7 To Try

Meals on wheels are starting to become a thing in India. In a culture where quick street meals, meals to go, and lunchboxes are very common for the working class and students, food trucks are increasingly gaining popularity.

Food trucks are very popular in America because you can find amazing food for a great price and a good variety of international food. They are starting to roll in in India with grilled cheese, BBQ, and paletas. They are sure to tickle many people’s palates.

You can read more about this new food movement over at the November issue of Jabong’s The Juice Magazine, a style magazine with greatly curated and written articles.

Here a few food trucks across India worth trying:

1. Veg Foodies Express – Bengaluru

Veg Foodies Express offers delicious Northern Indian fare including pav bhaji, chole bhature, and aloo puri; quick eats like bread pakora, kachori chaat and samosa; and drinks like fresh lassi.

2. The Lalit Food Truck – Delhi (debuting in other locations too)

This cool looking truck offers Mexican inspired food including crispy tacos, hand cut fries, chicken burgers, churros, and tortilla wraps paired with soft beverages.

3. The SWAT Truck – Bengaluru

The SWAT Truck is currently one of the most renowned food trucks in India. They call themselves ‘India’s first food truck serving authentic American curbside gourmet.’ SWAT stands for ‘Serving With A Twist’ and this truck is all about burgers, deep fried Oreos, corn dogs, nachos, mac & cheese, and Sloppy Joes.

4. The Cheese Truck – Pune

This truck’s two main ingredients are cheese and nutella (not necessarily together). If you like either of them, you will find something you like here from grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza slices and desserts made out of Nutella.

5. South 2 Mouth -Ahmedabad

south 2 mouth ahmedabad

Not a truck, but a quirky, vibrant rickshaw, South 2 Mouth serves south Indian food with a ‘twist’. You will enjoy their South Indian dishes like cup idli, tacos dosa, nachos and stuffed idli in various flavours. Also, the base of everything here is crafted out of dosa and idli batter.

6. Frugurpop – Gurgaon and Mumbai

frugurpop India Food Trucks

I grew up in Mexico City famous for its paletas (fresh fruit frozen popsicles) and now you can find them in India too. Frugurpop makes it easy to get some with their food trucks. You can try flavors like green apple green tea, strawberry, guava, kiwi, cookies n cream, tiramisu and more. Perfect for beating the heat.

7. FoGo – Mumbai

fogo india food trucks

FoGo truck specializes in fusion Indian–International fare, with bites including sausage pav, salami pav, seekh dog, quesadillas with chicken tikka, kebabs, and peanut butter pav. None of these are fried, so the health-conscious can be happy to try it too.

Have you tried any food trucks in India? Do you have any recommendations?

5 thoughts on “Food Trucks Roll Into India – Here Are 7 To Try

  1. I like the sloppy joes at Swat.


  2. Oh my gosh how I love food trucks! xoxo


  3. I love how beautifully these are decorated! Food trucks are just the best 🙂


    1. I know, that’s one of the coolest things about food trucks!


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