3 Great Alternative Accommodation Ideas To Try

When planning a holiday it can be easy to choose the same kind of accommodation time and time again. While there is nothing wrong with a standard hotel, surely you’re interested in other options. For many people, the hotel is a huge part of their holiday experience. It’s understandable that some people may feel uncomfortable booking somewhere they are unfamiliar with, but shouldn’t’ that be part of the adventure? There are many unique and alternative accommodations out there waiting for you to visit.

Tarzan’s Treehouse in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. By Andy Castro

House sitting

This has become a very popular choice in recent years, with people offering their own home as tourist accommodation. You decide where you want to go, find a suitable host on websites such as Airbnbthey move out for a week and you move in. It’s a fabulous opportunity to gain an insight into the world of a local in a different part of the world. You won’t have the luxury of room service or maids like you would in a hotel, but it’s a chance to live like a local and being trusted to look after their home.

This kind of service is found globally and in a variety of differing homes. These can range from luxury apartments in New York to quaint country houses in Normandy. Their locations also vary from central cities to rural villages throughout the world. It’s best to read reviews and do your research on your host before you book.

Alternative Accommodation Ideas
Midi-Pyrénées, France by Marcel Musil

Tree House

If you enjoy being at one with nature then this is the ultimate choice for you. A tree house is a unique accommodation choice that offers a once in a lifetime experience. Adventure lovers will adore having to climb up ladders and ropes to reach their tree top nest. It’s common for people to think that a tree house is no more than a shell. Many establishments have kitted their tree houses with running water, electricity and wifi capabilities. Make this a romantic getaway with your loved one or take your family for a treetop adventure they will never forget.

Tiny Fern Forest Treehouse in Vermont
Tiny Fern Forest Treehouse in Vermont source


Camping is not an ideal choice of accommodations for everybody. But they can be more glamorous than you think. A Yurt (as seen in the top photo of this article) is a robust circular tent which is usually located in rural areas. These make great weekend escapes to the countryside. They are larger inside than they appear and can add some real excitement to your trip. Their sizes do vary but they will often have a living space inside, featuring beds and chairs. They can also be supplied with wood burners and power if you wish. They can be made so comfortable that you will forget that you are staying in a tent. Again these are available throughout the world, as they originate from destinations such as Siberia and Turkey.

Inside of Yurt source

As you can see, there really is no need to be uncertain or afraid to stray from your normal holiday accommodation. You can make a trip truly memorable with the choices that you make, so get adventurous and throw caution to the wind. You’ll regret not trying it sooner.

Have you ever stayed at any unconventional places?

Top photo credit: Ruby Mountains Backcountry Yurt

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  1. Wow, Tarzan’s Treehouse looks amazing! I’d love a cafe/bookshop like that.


  2. Me gusta la primera foto.


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