White Flowers Around The World

flowers portland10

Unlike red flowers, it wasn’t as easy finding white flowers in my archives from across my travels. White flowers don’t stand out or are as flashy as other colours, but they evoke a charming purity and simple beauty that can’t be denied. 

mercado de jamaica mexico15

Cute little dogs made out of white flowers, found at the mercado de jamaica in Mexico City.

flowers portland9

White flowers in Tigard, OR

pittock mansion portland9

White flowers at the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR

king ahmed tomb india flowers

White small flowers in India.

duke gardens durham flowers

Pretty white flowers in Durham, North Carolina.

mercado de jamaica mexico6

A large bunch of white flowers stands out in the middle of the photo, in Mexico City.

tulip farm oregon josh

If you’re not too distracted by the giant shoes, you’ll find white tulips to the left.

abkhazi garden victoria bc18

White flowers that appear yellow in the photo, at the Abkhazi garden, Victoria BC

portland waterfront18

This is not a flower but I had to include it. I loved this velvet to the touch white plant I found outside the Rose Test Garden in Portland, OR.

Which one did you like the best?

7 thoughts on “White Flowers Around The World

  1. Mmm, thanks for the feast for my eyes, Mani 🙂 If you’d like to see some white flowers of India, I’ve collected some over here http://www.indiapalette.com/mogra-and-other-white-flowers-of-india/


  2. Love those little white dogs!


  3. I like the one from Mexico City the best 🙂


  4. You’ve been to Wooden Shoe Tulips, I didn’t know that. They are 20 minutes from where I live. I love those yellow shoes.


  5. I would have to say the little white dogs because I wasn’t expecting that. (Of course, I my favorite white flowers are snowdrops for obvious reasons!)


    1. Haha yes those are too cute. Happy Sunday Debbie!


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