This Week’s Small Pleasures #72


Today is hubby’s birthday and I’m not sure what or if we are doing anything, we have no plans yet, it’s up to him but I know I’m making a chocolate and strawberry two layer cake for him at some point. That should be good. I had quite a few pleasures this week:

1. I bought a new mattress! We’ve been buying te same $200 memory foam mattress almost every year since 2011. When you buy a mattress that cheap you can’t expect it to last long (the foam doesn’t spring back up anymore and leaves a dent causing my hips to hurt), but it still has been worth it for us to get one every year and half or so instead of investing on a $1000 mattress. We upgraded a couple hundred dollars this time (got this one) and I’m excited for it.

2. Midweek outing to the city. We had sushi, stopped at the chocolate store for drinking chocolate, bought a few treats and toys for our spoiled cat at an awesome pet shop, and made a Trader Joe’s run for pantry staples. Always enjoyable stuff.

3. This week has been pretty cold but we got a few sunny days which are rare in these parts considering we recently had 29 straight days of rain.

4. French bakery… galette de rois & cafe au lait with french caramel. ‘Nuf said.

I have been craving rosca de reyes (Three Kings Cake) which is a Mexican sweet bread topped with dried fruits that is enjoyed on King’s Day (Epiphany), and surrounding dates. Yesterday I found the French version of it: galette de rois (King cake), at one of my favourite bakeries, which is also eaten during this time and it’s quite different to the Mexican version but very yummy nonetheless.

5. Dinner with friends on Friday night, that’s two weeks in a row! Good homemade food, laughs, and good conversation.

6. Not sure exactly when, but more than 7 years ago I finished reading all of the Harry Potter books and they became some of my all time favourites. This week I started reading the series again from book 1 and I am over the moon about it! I can’t believe how good they still are. I hope they survive the apocalypse.

What made you happy this week? 

Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

Weekly Small PleasuresShare your happiness!

I find that the small things that make us happy every day are easily forgotten.

This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

You can share in any format you like. For people to find your post, tag your post “Weekly Small Pleasures” and link to my most recent post for a pingback! You can also just share in the comments.

Read the full details, and see previous posts.

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #72

  1. I enjoy these posts every week.Thanks for doing them 🙂


  2. I think I’ve read the Harry Potter series- fully- three times, and it is SUCH a joy to revisit them. When I know I love something, I love ‘repeating’ (books, movies, food, cafés, etc), and the Harry Potter books are no exception. Enjoy!!


  3. love your blog ❤


  4. Aww I love Harry Potter! Glad you’re re-enjoying them! 🙂


  5. I like this idea a lot for a weekly series, it shows all of those little things that make life wonderful. It’s not always about crossing things off a bucket list, but rather enjoying the moment. And did you say French cafe?!


    1. Yeah, ever since I started this series I get to look back and my week and realize that it was actually better than it seemed just by remembering the nice moments.
      And yes French cafe! I love that place 🙂


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