Dhuni – The Fire That Will Consume Your Attachments

If you happen to be in the small town of Meherabad, India during the 12th of any month, you can take part in Dhuni, a spiritual event that involves singing, fire, sandalwood, ghee, and letting go of personal attachments.

india2015 dhuni1

The first Dhuni was lit by Meher Baba, an Indian spiritual master, in 1925. In later years, Meher Baba invited His followers to throw attachments, symbolized by sandalwood sticks, into the fire.

In 1951 he burned in the dhuni a piece of paper that Baba had been carrying with him stating: “All rites, rituals and ceremonies of all religions of the world are hereby consumed in the flames.”

india2015 dhuni3india2015 dhuni2india2015 dhuniindia2015 dhuni6india2015 dhuni7

The event begins with some prayers and then the Dhuni fire is lit.

People line up and as they approach the fire they are given a piece of sandalwood that has been dipped into ghee (clarified butter). The stick represents a personal attachment that you wish to be consumed by the fire. The stick is then tossed into the fire.

The process thus symbolizes surrendering and giving up desires and limitations to God.

In the meantime, bhajans and music are sung and played.

india2015 dhuni4

Depending on the time of year, lines can be very long or short. This was in October 2015 and I considered the line to be pretty short as it moved fast.

india2015 dhuni8 india2015 dhuni9 india2015 dhuni11

india2015 dhuni12 india2015 dhuni13 india2015 dhuni14 india2015 dhuni15

The event can be quite powerful. People take the fire and their throws seriously but at the same time there is a festive atmosphere with people singing, playing the drums, mingling and even dancing. The fire definitely carries a strong spiritual energy.

india2015 dhuni18
An Indian girl offering candy.

india2015 dhuni17

Would you be interested in taking part?

3 thoughts on “Dhuni – The Fire That Will Consume Your Attachments

  1. Nice way of getting some weight off your chest…and imbibe calmness.


  2. Can imagine it would be powerful


  3. Very interesting article. 🙂


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