Dance Around The World

st petersburg russia folk dance1

One of my first, if not the first passions I had was dance. I started ballet when I was 3 years old and fell in love with it. I continued dancing, taking classes of many different kinds of dance and competing throughout my life with some breaks in between. In fact, I am in one right now as I haven’t danced in 3 years. But my love for dance always remains.

I love attending dance performances around the world, listening to classical music, and of course going dancing  aka partying with friends every now and then (I used to do that a lot more).

Today’s visual around the world trip features this passion of mine, but not always literally. Enjoy the dance!

castle victoria bc17

What used to be the dance hall at the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC.


A woman dances flamenco at a pilgrim retreat in India.

oregon garden christmas6

Dancing lights! At the Christmas Market in Silverton, Oregon.

india2015 dhuni15

A dancing fire, in India.


A celebration dance as we approach the end of our challenging hike. Logan, Utah.

tedxportland run6

Dancing and having fun while running a 6k! Portland, OR.

dancing india

A birthday dancing party in Ahmednagar, India.

Aerial Silks

Aerial dancing! This is so fun.

bike procession

The traffic in India is like a dance. It is so crazy how they coordinate and have their own unwritten rules and chaos at the same time.

me snow durham nc

The snow makes me dance. (Durham, North Carolina).

cancun xel ha dolphins

Dolphins are so beautiful they look like they’re dancing when they swim and jump. (Cancun, Mexico.)

duke gardens durham snow10

I told you the snow makes me dance (Durham, North Carolina).

st petersburg russia  folk dance

In Russia, a traditional folklore dance performance.


Another dancing fire in Mossyrock, Washington.

val disere skiing france5

Dancing in the snow in the French Alps.

long beach 06709

Dancing with the sunset. Long Beach, Washington.

the dalles oregon rodeo25

Dancing on a horse at a rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.

voladores mexico5

Dancing in the air. These are called the Voladores de Papantla in Mexico. You can also watch a video here.

long beach 06944

These kites definitely were dancing with the wind. Long Beach, Washington.

porqueno portland13

Dancing cows art at a Mexican restaurant. Portland, OR.

And last but not least check out this dancing Santa in Mexico!:

Which one was your favourite? Do you enjoy dancing?

1 thought on “Dance Around The World

  1. I’m tired from all that dancing! 🙂



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