These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too

A few months ago an inspiring man gave me these words and they really made an impact in my life. They helped me reach deep down and find the honesty within myself and helped me express that same honesty outwards without fear of people’s opinions. It’s still a work in progress but it was a great needed boost to reach that goal. That goal where you are completely true to yourself all the time, not minding what people might think of you, not minding if people might judge you, not minding if it’s the “normal” thing to do or say.

A lot of people realize this quite late in their lives. I find that many elderly people have this trait and it is rare to find someone younger to be like this. Why do we have to grow up and live a life where we fear judgement or where we have to act according to other people’s opinions or expectations? Why can’t we all be our true selves, speak what we truly believe, do what we feel we need to do, truly follow our heart. This doesn’t mean we have to be mean and not care about others. Caring what other’s think of you and caring about others are two completely different things. We can be true to ourselves and be compassionate and loving at the same time. I think this is the ultimate way to live.

We shouldn’t be afraid to be “different”, we shouldn’t be afraid to follow our heart and our soul’s needs.

After reading the words that this young man gave me, I took a step further to reaching that goal. Although not 100% liberated yet, I got closer. And I wanted to share these words with you too. I thought they might touch and help someone else’s soul:

“You NEED to speak up! Please – this is your life, your one chance – don’t waste it being afraid. God made you the way you are – people that love you will love ALL of you, not just the bits that suit them and their needs. I’m sorry, but how can you leave half of yourself, your personality, your soul, your shining spirit, behind when you enter a room, or a conversation with ‘friends’?? We have Free Will for a reason – to make our own decisions and choices. Will you choose to remain quiet all your life? It might be really difficult, but make small steps, lots of little steps, that will eventually lead to bigger steps, that will eventually lead to you being uncensored and free. Do it! Trust me when I tell you, my journey has been very difficult at times, and it’s something I work on every day – I’m not even half way there and know I will never be near-perfect, but what I can be is ME, MYSELF – and do the best I can with what I have. We all have a place in this world, and until we step up, move on into the unknown, we may never find that. Keep searching, finding new ways, new people to branch out to. Perhaps it’s time to move on – perhaps you need to experience this discord with you social circles in order to get the beat to move on? Perhaps, maybe, out there somewhere are a group of people just waiting to welcome you and your beloved with open arms – a family of kindreds. Don’t fear being judged for being different, off-the-wall, out-spoken – fear more the walls we build around ourselves, our freedom, our being. I am judged all the time – and it’s a part of life I’ve simply gotten used to. Luckily, my family, NOW, understand me, as do my TRUE friends… many have fallen away; many have kept up with me on my journey of discovery. But che sara! Life goes on, and I certainly know my journey will… as will yours. Just don’t stop, don’t tire, God’s love is limitless, and if you allow it to pass through you, so will you be. There ain’t no better friend than the Lord of All. Just trust. Don’t be afraid. You are beautiful, and the moment you allow yourself to believe that, is the moment you will SHINE. Jx”

7 thoughts on “These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too

  1. This is so beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing your light… Jx


  2. Beautiful, beautiful post Mani! 🙂


  3. Beautiful words and great advice. Thanks for sharing, Mani!


  4. I call the fear of judgment the high school mentality. We want to fit in and not be different. As the quote you posted reminded us, we are created differently, but united in love! I heard a quote this year that has stuck with me: “Love without truth is sentimentality. Truth without love is harshness.” We need love and truth starting with ourselves!


    1. Love and truth are some of the most important things in life. Sadly people are losing a lot of both.


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