4 Ways To Live Stress-Free for a Healthier You

4 Ways To Live Stress-Free for a Healthier You
Living stress-free is easier said than done. Between cooking your husband and your kids two or three meals a day, taking the kids to school and soccer practice, running errands, and putting in overtime at work, stress may just be a part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, despite the priorities of your life, the building of stress may be taking its toll on your body, mind, and overall health. Keep reading to learn 4 simple

6 Delicious Mango Smoothie Recipes

Mango is my favourite fruit. It may be from growing up in Mexico City where mangoes are abundant and I regularly enjoyed Manila mango to accompany my breakfast or even dinner. Or it may be from my multiple travels to India where you can find the most exquisite Alphonso mangoes and enjoy them fresh, in ice cream form or in a lassi (yogurt drink). Or it simply may be because mangoes are bright, delightful and

These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too

A few months ago an inspiring man gave me these words and they really made an impact in my life. They helped me reach deep down and find the honesty within myself and helped me express that same honesty outwards without fear of people's opinions. It's still a work in progress but it was a great needed boost to reach that goal. That goal where you are completely true to yourself all the time, not minding

Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah

Last weekend we embarked on our second hike in Utah. We chose the Crimson Trail. We thought 3 miles were doable. What we didn't realize is that the loop includes the Riverside Nature Trail and a little piece of trail to get to the beginning of Crimson Trail making the whole trip about 4.5 miles. Also, the trail was not an easy trail with an elevation gain of about 1000 feet and lots of steep,

Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy

Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy
Cairn is a monthly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers and travelers. Every month, a box arrives at your doorstep with different curated outdoorsy products for you to try. You might get a headlamp, a compass carabiner, a stainless steel cup, hiking socks, snacks, skin care or emergency products. It’s a great way to discover some interesting products. Here's my Cairn box review: (more…)

7 Delicious Green Smoothies To Try

If part of your resolutions for this year was to be healthier: eat healthier, lose weight.. etc I got some delicious healthy treats you can try for the morning, midday or even post-workout. Even if you didn't make resolutions, I recommend these to everyone looking for something fresh, tasty, healthy, easy and yummy. I can attest to all these green smoothies as I don't really like the taste of lettuce when I drink from a

Protein Cacao Snack Truffles

Protein Cacao Snack Truffles
As soon as I tasted these I knew I had to share them with you. I loved them. These protein cacao snack truffles are the perfect post-workout snack or really for any time of day.  They are packed full of healthy and tasty ingredients and are just lightly sweetened with honey. I highly recommend them! (more…)

The Most Peaceful Place To Visit In Rural India

A week ago I arrived from a wonderful 12 day trip to India, but I didn't visit the India that most people know. I didn't go to the Taj Mahal or see elephants swim in the waters of Kerala, I didn't visit the pink city of Jaipur or the majestic Himalayas, and I didn't explore the big cities like Delhi or Bangalore. Instead, along with my mom, we drove 6 hours from Mumbai to Meherabad

Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake

For a while I have been intrigued by meal replacement beverages like Soylent which provide all the nutrients a person needs in powder form that creates a shake. When I came across BERTRAND my interest peaked because it seems to be the only certified organic option out there and it is produced in Germany, which was a plus for me as I currently and sadly don't trust food in America very much. The more I found out about BERTRAND