6 Popular Places for Dessert Lovers in Paris

Famous for its scrumptious and multi-course meals, Paris is simply incomparable when it comes to dessert. It is so common to walk into a patisserie or chocolaterie for a quick snack or indulgence in Paris.

Let us look at the list of some of the places anyone with a sweet tooth cannot miss. No matter which dessert you try, you will not be disappointed. That’s the magic of Paris. The price is totally worthwhile for such a tempting treat.

Carl Marletti - Paris
Carl Marletti – Paris. Photo by 46137

Here are six of the top places for desserts:



Angelina Paris
Photo by m-gem

Situated close to Jardin des Tuileries and Le Musée du Louvre, this warm and intimate place offers legendary hot chocolate that is inviting and hard to say no to. Angelina is a cafe serving desserts, breakfasts, and lunches.

Address: 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Jacques Genin


chocolate at JACQUES GENIN paris
Photo by Dana McMahan

Come to Jacques Genin for an experience that’s memorable! Paradise for chocolate lovers. Try pate de fruits and different chocolates. Salted caramel will be the best you’ve ever tasted and if you’re going to have one piece of chocolate, let it be the mint chocolate; tastes like you’re eating a mint leaf – extraordinary! You will be swept off your feet by the cozy and gorgeous looks of this place.

Address: 133, rue de Turenne75003 Paris

Carl Marletti


Carl Marletti Paris
Photo by hpt-photo

Carl Marletti is known for mouthwatering salted caramel éclair and Lily Valley.

Everything is so good it will be hard to pick a delicacy. You can try one of their signature pastries, the Mielle-Feuille, or maybe some choux puffs with violet essence, and their pistachio éclairs.

Address: 51, rue Censier, 75005



Laduree Paris
Photo by HerryLawford

One of Paris’ signature places, located in multiple locations, Ladurée’s original location is in 6th arrondissement. The French luxury bakery is characterized by a warm and vibrant charm.

Ladurée is famous for its macarons, but you can also come here and enjoy a range of pastries, chocolates, spreads, and sweets.

Un Dimanche à Paris


Un Dimanche a Paris
Photo by edwardkimuk

The shop is filled with tempting sweet tooth delights. Try the delicious hazelnut-chocolate spread, the pepper chocolate pearls, and the chocolate dessert called ‘Croustillant au Grué de cocoa’.

The staff is incredibly friendly and patient. Some of these desserts are seasonal. Come over and experience the flavors and textures in every bite.

Address: 4 Cours du Commerce Saint-André, 75006 Paris

Pierre Herme


Pierre Herme
Photo by Incase

Pierre Herme is the place to get some delicious ispahan croissant and macarons. Pierre Herme, the chef is known for daring and unique combinations of dessert flavours. His macarons, in particular, are considered to be among the best.

You can also try the famous kouign amann, a pastry made with puff pastry with a caramelized top. Needless to say, this buttery treat is exquisite.

Address: 72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

Apart from the above-mentioned bakeries and cafes, Paris offers many more places to get a delectable range of desserts. There are lots of other good places to eat in areas like Marais, Champs Elysees, Latin Quarter and Saint Germain where you can sit and take your pick from a lovely range of desserts. Go ahead make every day in Paris a cheat day!

Author Bio: Hi, I am Shalini, avid traveller and foodie. I like to explore new places and share my experiences. Here I am sharing mouthwatering places for dessert lovers in Paris. While my visit to this popular and affluent neighbourhood I had an amazing time staying in a Paris serviced apartment named thesqua.re they’re for staying like locals.

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(Featured image by yuichi.sakuraba)

6 thoughts on “6 Popular Places for Dessert Lovers in Paris

  1. I feel like I’m transported to Paris via your photos. Thank you for sharing this! Although I’m a thousand miles away from this city, I feel close to it because of your post. Have a lovely day! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Have a lovely day too!

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  2. such a lovely post…love the photos! I really like sitting in a Paris sidewalk cafe drinking coffee eating stuff like this…watching people!! thankss for the memory


  3. Oh I love this post! Those photos are making me hungry! 🙂 It’s great to see this as I never know where to go in Paris and now I have a whole list of must see places to visit and indulge at! Delicious 🙂


    1. I thought this post might create a lot of wanderlust for Paris and it’s charming ways 🙂

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  4. Good stuff! And to be honest, I kinda also love the guy in Laduree who looks like he’s shouting “Monsieur! You cannot take ze photos ‘ere!”


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