Faces Around The World

indian children

People’s faces tell stories. Their eyes, their frown lines, their smile lines, their spots (freckles, sun spots…), their color. All these things can tell you a lot about a person, especially if you pay attention, and everyone has their own unique version, even twins.

I invite you to come for a trip around the world through some faces I have captured in my travels.


A face of the wild. Our feral cat we adopted in India. Or better said, adopted us.


A content face. A woman in India moving a bowl of freshly delivered milk to boil and pasteurize.

label gmo food car portland

A face with a cause. A “fishy apple” on a label GMO foods campaign car.

halloween mug

A spooky happy face. Found at an auction in Oregon.


Curious faces. These children lived in our neighborhood in India and I invited them to play with my laptop. What did they have the most fun with? Just typing words that they came up with in a word processor.

One of my Lichtenstein reproductions.

Oil still faces. One of my Lichtenstein reproductions.


The faces of friendship. One of my best friends and I during a trip of a lifetime (Berlin, Germany).

father and son

An innocent face. A boy finds safety on his father’s shoulder (India).


A wise face. Turtles are wise, right? (At Eno River Park, Durham, North Carolina)

portland barbershop16

A welcoming face? A play on words at a barbershop in Portland, Oregon

happy indian kids

A laughing face and a not so impressed face. Two kids in India see their photo on our camera.

oregon brew fest portland29

A friendly face. A guy and his stand in Portland, Oregon.

indian girl

A worried, sad or bored face? Which one do you think?


A cute face! My Hazel. (Who’s not mine anymore)

india shop

Several advertisement faces. Lots of faces going inside this frame at a coffee shop in India.

animal monkey zoo budapest

A displeased face. This guy in Budapest was definitely not happy we were there.

Indian Cow

A holy face. As cows are sacred in India.

king ahmed tomb india goat1

A mischievous face. Doesn’t it look like this goat is totally up to something?

india people bw amarthiti13

Faces of life. A mother and child in India.

tattoo salt and straw portland

A dead face. A guy’s tattoo at the ice cream shop in Portland, OR

bite of oregon woman day of the dead

A painted face. 

Which one was your favorite?

8 thoughts on “Faces Around The World

  1. 🙂 Lovely gallery of pictures!
    Have a very HAPPY weekend! 🙂


  2. Sometimes, I “people watch” to be simply amazed by the diversity of all the “faces.” The best part of what we have in common are smiles and love on our faces.


  3. Lovely post. The first one is cute. But the third one is awesome!


  4. Great collection! I agree with BF – the third photo is a beauty, but my favourite is the boy with his head resting on his father’s shoulder – great photo.


  5. These are beautiful!! 🙂 Really enjoyed looking at them all as a face tells so much!


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