Travelling To A Foreign Country: Tips To Keep You Safe

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Many people worry about travelling to foreign countries. However, that doesn’t stop many from doing it! Of course it’s scary heading to a new destination with nothing but the information you’ve found out online, but if you live your life dictated by fear you won’t get very far at all. These tips will help to keep you safe when you’re going somewhere new.

Write Down All Emergency Numbers You Need

Look up the emergency numbers of the place you’re travelling to and write them down safely. Numbers such as the police, ambulance, and foreign embassy. You never know what might happen, so have them with you just in case. Writing down important friends and family contacts is a good idea too.

Have Back Up Plans

Sometimes, things just don’t go to plan. Having back up plans will help keep you on track. If something is cancelled, what will you do? If you miss a transfer, what about then? Consider things that have the potential to go a little wrong and think about what you’ll do. You can find survival tips to help you with stuff like this on a prepper forum.

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Don’t Wear All Of Your Jewellery

Wearing all of your jewellery in a foreign place is just plain ridiculous. Not only will you have trouble getting through airports, you may also be targeted by crooks when they see you and get the impression you have money. Be smart and keep any important jewellery somewhere safe, or even at home.

Lock Up Valuables

Lock up your valuables that you had to bring with you, such as your passport. Many people rent a safe in the place they are staying so they have peace of mind that their important things are safe, or use the one provided by the hotel.

Don’t Flash your Cash Around

Never flash your cash around or let on how much you’re carrying with you. When buying something, find a way to get the money out in a discreet way. If you don’t, this is another way you can be targeted by criminals.

Have Hidden Pockets

Consider taking clothing with you that has hidden pockets so you can place your money, mobile phone, and other important things inside. This can stop you from absentmindedly losing things too. If you’re planning on renting a scooter or motorcycle, make sure you have a good idea about the best safety gear you can have.

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Know A Few Key Phrases

By knowing a few key phrases in the language of the place you’re travelling to, you’ll be able to get around better. Plus, the locals will appreciate it and be more likely to treat you with respect. You can also take guidebooks, dictionaries, and translation apps.

Have A Story

If you’re a woman traveling alone, you’ll need a story. Some foreigners can be a little nosey, as it’s just their way, but some have worse intentions. Rather than saying you’re alone or you’re single, make up a story about being married or having a boyfriend and he’s just sick or something. It might help keep predators at bay. 

Always Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

Always let someone know where you’re going, even if it’s leaving a note in your room. Noting the time you left and time you intend on getting back could be a good idea too.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Travelling To A Foreign Country: Tips To Keep You Safe

  1. One of the advantages of travelling on your own when you’re older, is not having to invent imaginary husbands. I was more often asked if I had children.


    1. Hahaha sounds so funny when you say it “out loud”: invent imaginary husbands.

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  2. Great post! Lots of solid info for new travelers!!


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