8 Scientific Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

8 Scientific Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You
Most of us don't need any encouragement to want to jet off to some faraway (or nearby) land for a trip. Take a break from habitual life, explore new places, and renew with new adventures or with relaxing activities. I know I don't need any convincing to take a trip. The problem is finding the opportunity! However, it just so happens that, scientifically, travelling is good for you. In case you needed more excuses to go travel,

4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel

4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel
Whether it's your first time traveling to a foreign country or you've been on the move for a while, it's always wise to take precautions for your safety. Don't let fear stop you from being adventurous. You should always expect the unexpected when you travel, and if you observe the four following tips for safe travel, you could prevent some really bad scenarios. (more…)

Tips You Need To Know For Traveling With Kids

Summer vacations and family reunions are a part of life that all parents want to enjoy, but traveling with kids can be a difficult proposition. Kids can make what was once a quick flight or a simple drive into a complicated and stressful trip. Taking the time to plan and learning a few tips can make your trips much less stressful. With a little forethought and some ingenuity, traveling with children can be something that you

The Traveler’s Medicine Cabinet: Ailments To Avoid On The Road

When you’re out in the wilderness or a city you’re new to, getting ill can be a painful struggle. A lot of the illnesses that are common abroad are much more aggressive than the one’s you’ll have to deal with at home. And, you might be in a place that has weaker healthcare than your home. This makes it much more important to be prepared. (more…)

How to Deal with Social Anxiety During Travel

How to Deal with Social Anxiety During Travel
Recently, I publicly shared that I have social anxiety and it's something I've suffered with for a long time. But I've still managed to travel the world and find great joy in it. Having been to 20 countries, lived in 4 different ones, and 9 different cities/towns, social anxiety hasn't stopped me from traveling and it shouldn't stop you either. There are many ways to manage social anxiety during travel. But how do we make

Yes, You Really Can Travel The World on a Budget!

Traveling the world is one of the most incredible, fulfilling things you can do in life. But if you don’t have a ton of money, you might think that it’s out of your reach. And it’s true, traveling can be expensive. But there are ways around it which means you can see places you’ve always dreamed of without much at all. If you want to travel but don’t have a lot of money saved up,

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Ireland

Ireland is an enchanting country. It might not be one at the top of your list but once you get there you'll realize you've been missing out. Ireland is a small country, modernizing but keeping its breathtaking ancient landscapes and some of the friendliest people on earth. Even if it's rainy, which happens a lot, you'll be certainly received with a warm welcome. There are many reasons to visit Ireland, and below you'll find five that

How To Order a Beer In 17 Different Countries

I feel like knowing how to order a beer anywhere in the world is ESSENTIAL information that everyone needs to know, am I right? Okay, maybe not, but it's still very good information to have, and 17 countries is a great place to start (note the sarcasm), because you're going to be traveling to that many countries in the near future, right? It only took me 27 years to get to 20 of them. But

Which Country Fits Your Manners?

The idea of travelling and living abroad is no longer a once in a lifetime experience, young travellers are spending time in foreign countries more than ever; everyone wants to be a location independent, a digital nomad. You might even begin to feel like an outsider in your own native country, getting accustomed to new habits from traveling internationally. But you may also be taken aback for the ways of some other cultures.  (more…)

9 Natural Ways To Cure Jet Lag

I can't tell you how many times I've experienced jet lag in my life. I was only 6 years old the first time I traveled west to east across many time zones arriving in India. I have tried many different things to avoid jet lag but the truth is, it is not possible to avoid it. There are things, however, to make it last less and make the most out of your trip.  (more…)