How To Travel Europe Like A Local

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Isn’t Europe wonderful? One of the great things about this continent is that the countries within it are so different from each other in spite of their small territories and short distances from each other. There is a huge cultural difference between European capitals and it’s good to know some of these while traveling there. For example, while it is acceptable to take away your leftovers after a meal in London, it is kind of embarrassing and frowned upon in Paris.  

With the helpful infographic below, you will learn some of the dos and don’ts in some of Europe’s most popular capitals including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Reykjavik.

You will learn useful tips like whether it’s okay or not to respect a queue in Barcelona, and whether you should tip in Reykjavik. Read on…

Europe Like a Local - Final

Graphic by Icelandair

Which of these cities do you most want to visit?

10 thoughts on “How To Travel Europe Like A Local

  1. oh that’s scarily true for London, you have us English down pat. Be warned though there are a) some escalators now in London where you have to stand – left and right, and b)a few English who are very unEnglish with their rodomontade!


    1. Why are they changing it up with the escalators? How confusing! Haha. And yes, there are always exceptions to the rule haha.

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      1. Apparently the flow of people through the station is much better if everyone stands, rather than having right for standing and left for walking up! However they are only implementing it at a few stations so as you say very confusing – your advice though is valid at all stations 🙂


  2. Fascinating differences. Things must have changed since my long-ago trip to the UK because I remember being on a bus and strangers talking to me. I was surprised by the friendliness in the heart of London.


    1. Wow that’s very surprising to hear! Haha. I lived there for a year and people definitely kept to themselves (including myself).

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      1. This was w-a-y back – decades ago.


  3. I would disagree with speaking to Danes – not friendly at all – lived there for 8 years so maybe saw a different side of Copenhagen! People do say thank you too and the language has no word for ‘please’ – it isn’t ‘redundant’, but in Danish you ask for things in different ways depending on how polite you want to be.


  4. this is fantastic. i studied up on the London one to make sure we’re doing it correctly 😉 the british humour though….its bloody genius.


  5. Love it!!! I’d say that Stockholm is almost exactly like Copenhagen… except we use the word “mys” instead of “hygge”. 🙂


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