2016 Utah Air Show at the Hill Air Force Base

Hill Air Force Base opened its gates to the public on June 25th and 26th, 2016 to showcase an event that promised and delivered excitement, pride, precision, and breathtaking flying. During this Utah Air Show called Warriors Over The Wasatch, crowds were witnesses of awe-inspiring presentations by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, the U.S. Army Golden Knights, the Breitling Jet Team and many other amazing civilian aerial performers with many hours of experience in the field.

It was a great event for aviation enthusiasts (that was me), prospective pilots, thrill seekers, and families alike. In between presentations, people were able to stroll around and take a look at the interesting collection of aircrafts from the last war, massive cargo lifters which were open to the public, several US ARMY helicopters and vehicles, and a lot more.


Both dates featured the same presentations with a bit of a variation in the schedule determined by weather and wind. From 10 am to 5 pm, it was nonstop awe-inspiring dancing in the sky.

You know what was great too? They offered free admission and free parking, and lots of food and drink stands inside. An all around incredible and fun event.

DSC03692 DSC03706 DSC03726

The Breitling Jet Team


The Breitling Jet Team was my favourite presentation by far. It was truly exciting and breathtaking.

They are the largest international professional civilian team performing on jets. Their meticulous precision, innovation, and aesthetics created a ballet spectacle in the air.

DSC03745 DSC03755


It was a pretty hot day, so getting a refreshing and cooling Mango Pineapple Otai was in order.

DSC03848 DSC03869

Look! The plane has taken the people under its wing! How nice and protective of him.


Actually, all the planes were doing the same. A nice bunch if you ask me.


US ARMY “The Golden Knights” Parachute Team


The US ARMY “The Golden Knights” Parachute Team were very fun to watch. With bright yellow (or golden) parachutes and their pink smoke tails, allowed the public to find them easily and follow them along as they dropped fast and performed dangerous maneuvers on the air.

DSC03921 DSC03941

Bill Stein, who has logged over 5,000 hours of aerobatic and formation flight, was pretty amazing to watch too. See him in action in the video below.

DSC03961 DSC03956

The photos and even the videos, don’t do justice to the event. If you ever find out about an Air Show in your state, I’d highly recommend it. Have you ever attended one?

1 thought on “2016 Utah Air Show at the Hill Air Force Base

  1. Air shows used to be one of my favorite things as a kid. I would always go with my dad. I don’t think they have them locally anymore, but I may look to see if there are any, just for fun. I think my kids would love it.


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