Looking Up Around The World

Pike Place Market Seattle

I’m very short so I tend to look up a lot. Sometimes we might miss something if we don’t. We are so used to looking down at our feet when we walk that we often forget to see beyond. In this series of photographs I show you what I saw when I looked up a few times around the world.  


Two ladies in India.

portland autumn

A beautiful display of autumn in Portland, OR.

museum of flight seattle

You’d have to look up to see all the cool planes near the ceiling at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA

Budapest, Hungary

An interesting statue in Budapest, Hungary.

Vienna, Austria

A stunning piece of architecture in Vienna, Austria.

Josh and our neighbor having a chat. Can you see both of them?

Neighbor conversations from ground to rooftop in India.

Inside the Hungarian Opera House

Looking up inside the Hungarian Opera House in Budapest.

london big ben

You gotta look up for iconic Big Ben in London.

sky durham game

Looking up at the baseball game in Durham, North Carolina.


Classic me looking up to take a photo. (Rural India)

vienna architecture door

Looking up at a door in Vienna, Austria.

cityfair portland11

Flying chairs above me at the city fair in Portland, OR.


Amazing display of jets in the sky. (Utah Air Show)


Looking up at Eno River Park in Durham, North Carolina.

acapulco mexico beach17

Palm trees in Acapulco, Mexico.

barista coffee portland me 2

Looking up outside Barista coffee shop, Portland, Oregon.

astoria oregon bird

Bird in flight in Astoria, Oregon.


One of the exits on the ceiling of the USS Blueback Submarine.

voladores mexico

Quite a spectacle looking up in Mexico City to find these flying men hanging by their feet.

long beach 06900

Beautiful kite in the sky in Long Beach, Washington.

castle victoria bc3

Looking up the staircase inside the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC.

rome italy1

Probably one of the most impressive ceiling in the world, at the Vatican Museum, Italy.

astoria oregon21

Yard-bombed tree in Astoria, Oregon.


Look up and follow the hiker in front of you. (Logan Canyon, Utah)

Which one was your favourite?

3 thoughts on “Looking Up Around The World

  1. I like your staircase image 🙂


  2. Such a good concept!


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