Around The World In 10 Steaks

around the world steaks

Steak is simply the favourite food of many people around the world. It seems to bring a lot of satisfaction to one’s palate, stomach, and even heart. How does the saying go? Happy stomach, happy heart…? Okay, nobody says that, but it sounds right, right? 

And of course every nation in the world has its own take on steak. (Oh it feels good to rhyme). It varies in the way it’s cooked and prepared, in the cut of meat that is used, and in what is served to accompany it in terms of sides and sauces.

I am not super carnivorous, I rarely even cook meat at home, but I definitely enjoy a good steak once in a while. My favourite styles to enjoy steak are French (steak frites, and filet mignon), Mexican (arrachera), and Argentinian (with chimichurri).

Check out the infographic below with 10 unique takes on steaks from different nations around the world:

Around the world in 10 steaks

Around the world in 10 steaks [Infographic] by the team at Pettitts

How do you like your steak?

1 thought on “Around The World In 10 Steaks

  1. Sounds gross haha!
    I never met a man who doesn’t love steak. Thanks for sharing your concise love for steak.


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