Narrow Around The World

dallas airport dfw

I love narrow spaces. They are fun to me. Narrow bridges (better if they’re hanging), narrow labyrinth paths, narrow alleyways in cool towns, narrow caves, narrow hiking trails overlooking cliffs… I guess you could say I’m the opposite of claustrophobic, I enjoy the thrill of spaces like these. The thrill where it feels like there is danger, but really there is none, okay sometimes there is, especially when you’re hiking along a cliff. 

And then there are many narrow spaces that don’t give off any danger at all.. think narrow dirt paths in open spaces, and narrow spaces in between bookshelves in libraries and in between grapes in vineyards.

Narrow spaces are also very fun to photograph. Here is my collection of narrow spaces and things from across my travels:

india backyard

A narrow path to get to the backyard in the house I lived in India.

portland waterfront11

A narrow bridge to get to the dock in Portland, Oregon.

vintage eye vision test

A narrow, vintage vision test object.

indian cat

A narrow door gap showing our sleepy outdoor cat in India. (He adopted us)

museum of flight seattle

One of my personal favourites strolling the aisles of the Concorde, the famous supersonic passenger jet. (At the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA)

multnomah falls oregon13

It was quite a narrow and slippery path to get to the top at Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

multnomah falls14

And here are the Falls themselves. Pretty narrow.

vienna labyrinth

I mentioned labyrinths at the beginning. Here is one in Vienna, Austria.

Lie on a bed of nails at the Museo de los niños.

Have you ever lied on top of a bunch of narrow nails (bed of nails)? It’s quite a crazy feeling. You can do so at the Papalote Museo del Niño in Mexico City.

USS Normandy

Paths in ships are quite narrow. Here I am on the USS Normandy, guided-missile cruiser.

powells portland

And I mentioned narrow paths in libraries. This one is the awesome Powell’s Books in downtown Portland, Oregon, which takes up a whole block.

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles18

Narrow streets in Liverpool, England.

king ahmed tomb india18

A narrow door in India.

king ahmed tomb india2

And a very narrow path in India. This was a fun photo excursion.

Same zig zag, different day.

Narrow wooden path at the Duke Gardens, North Carolina.

tulip farm oregon 6

Narrow mini paths between rows and rows of tulips in Woodburn, Oregon.

The metro station.

Metro stations are always quite narrow, from the escalators to the paths between trains. Here is a metro station in Moscow, Russia.

croquet deer island manor3

A narrow shadow. Those are fun. While playing croquet in Deer Island, Oregon.

syncline winery washington2

Narrow paths at the Syncline Winery in Washington.


A narrow bridge at the Eno River State Park in Durham, North Carolina.

the dalles or bridge dam18

Narrow train on narrow tracks. The Dalles, Oregon.

hood river oregon9

Narrow gaps between a weird narrow tree trunk. Hood River, Oregon.

whistler bc canada snow2

Narrow skis! Skiing in Whistler, Canada.

chapultepec castle mexico city

A narrow window and a narrow mirror at the Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City.

barista coffee portland me5

A very narrow outdoor table, enjoying an iced coffee outside Barista in Portland, Oregon.

astoria oregon trolley8

A narrow aisle inside the historic trolley in Astoria, Oregon.

astoria oregon shadow

Another fun narrow shadow shot, complete with narrow trolley tracks. Also in Astoria.


A narrow opening of trees on the road on the way to Mt Hood, Oregon.


And a narrow snowy path at Mirror Lake, Oregon. One of my favourite hikes ever.

The torpedo room.

Super narrow room, the torpedo room inside the USS Blueback Submarine. (Worst picture quality ever, but too interesting not to show.)

laconia new hampshire9

Yet another narrow shadow shot. Laconia, New Hampshire.

portland st johns alley

Cool alleyway in Portland, Oregon.

portland colorful houses1

And super cool narrow space between homes, also in Portland.

mpr india3 meher pilgrim retreat

Narrow garden paths at the MPR, in Meherabad, India.

budapest hungary caves

And a narrow path inside a cool (literally) cave in Budapest, Hungary.

wind cave trail utah20

Finally, a narrow hiking path in Logan Canyon, Utah.

That was a lot of narrow, huh. Do you like narrow spaces like me? Which one was your favourite? 

8 thoughts on “Narrow Around The World

    1. There’s always someone who loves the kitty. 🙂

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  1. 🙂 Thanks a bunch.
    Those falls are pretty cool, you can see more photos of them in my post about them, if you’d like:

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  2. What a unique perspective, Mani! Great topic and photos to go with it, as always 🙂


  3. What a varied collection, I really enjoyed looking at your gallery 🙂

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  4. Such a lovely theme! These narrow roads show the way to lots of amazing places 🙂


  5. Another interesting post. My faves are the two about Multnomah Falls, which I also once visited in winter. (There was rain but no snow.) I also smiled at that Vienna hedge maze, which I’ve been to, and the bed of nails at Papalote del Nino. I’ve actually never been to that children’s museum, but there is another bed of nails at Universum.


    1. Not surprised about the rain haha. Rainy Oregon/Portland. It’s interesting we’ve been to many of the same places. I haven’t been to Universum, sounds like it deserves a visit, but there are SO many museums in Mexico City. Thanks for stopping by Scott 🙂 Happy Sunday.


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