The Best Travel Gifts Under $50

best travel gifts

How appropriate, “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra started playing as I was writing this post. “Pack up let’s fly away!” If you or anyone you know gets excited at the thought of flying somewhere, anywhere, you may want to think of giving them a travel-related gift.

I have curated a list of travel gifts, all under $50 for those who have been bit by the travel bug. Hey, feel free to give yourself something too!

Rifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebooks

rifle paper travel notebooks

Who doesn’t love a nice compact notebook? I know I do, and know many that do. I fell in love with this cute pair of notebooks with travel scenes and blank pages.

Buy: Rifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebooks

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

nomader collapsible water bottle

My favourite tip to give people when they travel by air is to bring an empty disposable or reusable water bottle through security and fill it up at the water fountain after passing security and before boarding.

I know from personal experience and from science that flying dehydrates the heck out of you and drinking plenty of water during travel is important. Since a few years ago, I stopped ordering ginger ale or cranberry juice in the plane and have stuck to water. A collapsible water is ideal for this, because it can save you space when it’s empty.

Buy: Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof Twist Cap – BPA Free, 22 Ounce

Everest Vintage Backpack


Every traveler could use a nice little backpack like this classic looking one. You can’t go wrong with comfortable padded shoulder straps, big enough to fit a laptop, and accessible front pocket. Plus you get to pick amongst several colours.

Buy: Everest Vintage Backpack

The Wild Truth by Carine McCandless

the wild truth book

Every traveler knows the story of Chris McCandless, the young wanderer who gave away all his savings, left his normal life, and hitchhiked to Alaska which eventually led to his death. Into The Wild. You know the one, right? Well, her sister Carine and Chris’s best friend, has written this book where she reveals many missing pieces and lots of untold dysfunctional family truth which led to Chris taking such a drastic path.

Buy: The Wild Truth by Carine McCandless

Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

high fidelity earplugs

Many of us have traveled to music festivals, sometimes within our own country sometimes across the Atlantic. Coachella or Rock Werchter anyone? While most earplugs just muffle sound, these are specially designed to enhance your live music experience. They lower the decibel level without sacrificing the clarity of the music. How awesome is that? I’m sure they’d be great for awfully loud movie theaters as well. So, now you can enjoy loud music without damaging your hearing any further. Nobody wants tinnitus.

Even better, you can buy for a cause as every pair purchased helps fund hearing projects in partnership with Hear The World Foundation.

Vibes Acoustic Filter Ear Plugs – High Fidelity Decibel Reducing EarPlugs
Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit

carry on cocktail kit

Okay, this may be contradicting myself, but if you insist on having a drink while flying, I’ve got something cool for you or for that person you know enjoys a cocktail. This kit provides all you need to make a gin and tonic in the air. And you can also pick from the different options to make a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, a Bloody Mary, or a Hot Toddy. Just remember to bring the travel size gin, vodka, or whiskey, you need because it’s not included. Or you can always purchase it in-flight.

Buy: The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Cork Globe

cork globe

Globes and maps make travelers happy. This cork globe would make the perfect gift. You can pin all the places you’ve been to for bragging purposes, and pin with a different colour all the places you want to go! Perfect desk or end table companion. Available in two sizes.

Buy: SUCK UK Cork Globe

Pink Slip-On Vans

pink vans

How cute are these? Vans are the perfect travel companion. They took me around Europe many years ago, and they’re great for running across the airport to get to your connection. These pink ones are cute enough to make a fashion statement anywhere in the world. You can absolutely dress them up.

Buy: Pink Slip-On Vans

Custom mug


A customized gift is always a great option. It adds that special touch to the gift which the receiver will greatly appreciate. A perfect idea is to add a picture from a trip you took together! Whether it is for a friend or your significant other, this is a great way to make those special memories part of their daily life.

Buy: Custom mug from Customenvy

If you need more ideas, check out last year’s Travel Gift Guide plus 11 Places Online You Can Shop For a Cause and Feel Good About it.

Ready, Set, Shop!

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