Around The Caribbean In 17 National Dishes

While Caribbean cuisine may not come to mind as one of your favourites, it definitely has quite the explosion of flavours to enjoy. It is colorful and full of spice, not necessarily hot. Most of these national dishes also have a long history. While in the Caribbean, you’ll fall in love with the friendliness of the locals, as well as the food.

If you find yourself in Puerto Rico, don’t miss their arroz con pernil, tender roasted pork shoulder with rice and peas. While in the French island of Martinique, don’t miss the local snapper with creole sauce. Whether you prefer land or sea in your meal, both are a star in Caribbean food.

Check out the infographic below to read about 17 national dishes to savour in the Caribbean:

caribbean cuisine national dishes infographic

Around The Caribbean In 17 National Dishes – An infographic by the team at Royal Westmoreland

Which of these sound the best to you?

1 thought on “Around The Caribbean In 17 National Dishes

  1. Talk about diversity and getting hungry, thanks for sharing, Mani 🙂


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