What Does It Look Like to Have A Cup Of Tea Around The World?

You can find many ways of drinking tea around the world. It’s so comforting. And it’s how the British solve everything, or so I hear. In Britain, you will find tea being prepared in the kitchen no matter if the apocalypse is happening outside.

Did you know that tea time in Britain causes a massive surge in electricity demand? Right before a popular TV show ends, power stations in the country have to go on standby carefully monitoring the electric grid for the millions of Brits getting up to boil water at the same time. They even have France set up to lend additional power if needed. True story.

But tea consumption and culture is not limited to Britain, and there are many kinds of tea being enjoyed around the world.

In Japan, green matcha tea is popular (and in increasing popularity outside of Japan). If you want something strong and caffeinated head over to Argentina and try some yerba mate. While in India opt for a classic masala chai, a “spicier” and pretty strong version of black tea. And if it’s a little warm outside, head over to the US where sugary iced tea is big, especially in the South.

I’m a big tea drinker. Actually, I’m quite small, but I drink a lot of tea (terrible joke for you). My favourite is English breakfast which I enjoy with milk no sugar and if I’m feeling indulgent, accompanied with some dark chocolate or shortbread biscuits. But at night, I love some strong ginger tea with a bit of honey. London Fog Lattes make me happy; these are black tea lattes with lavender and vanilla. Delicious.

Check out the infographic below to learn about tea around the world:

tea around the world

[What Does A Cup Of Tea Look Like Around The World? – An infographic by the team at SilverDoor.co.uk]

Which is your favourite kind of tea?

2 thoughts on “What Does It Look Like to Have A Cup Of Tea Around The World?

  1. I had butter tea in Dharamsala and it was asqueroso, but the London Fog latte sounds yummy 🙂


    1. Butter tea doesn’t sound asqueroso but I’ll take your word for it haha.


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