Four Things You Must Do in Ghana This Year

Must Do in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most interesting places to be found along the Gulf of Guinea in the West Africa area. Although it is an unusual destination for travelers and tourists, the unitary presidential constitutional democracy is home to a number of hidden gems, which make it well worth a visit.

Of course, the reason a lot of people visit the area is to become a volunteer in Ghana. Whatever your reason for visiting the region, you might find these following suggestions for things to do while you’re there inspiring:

Kakum National Park

kakum national park ghana
Image via Flickr by Stig Nygaard

If you love nature and stand in awe of spectacular views, you will definitely want to spend some of your time in Ghana exploring Kakum National Park, which is located in the Central region of Ghana. A national park since 1992, Kakum is an area brimming with tropical rainforest, which means that you will get to see things it would be tough to see elsewhere, including endangered species such as the bongo antelope and Diana monkey, as well as exotic butterflies and the large population of forest elephants in the world.

Cape Coast Castle

cape coast castle ghana
Image via Flickr by Julius

Cape Coast Castle is a must-see for anyone who is visiting Ghana. The building is one of roughly forty so-called “slave castles” which were built on the Gold Coast, which is now Ghana, by traders from Europe. The building was used as a holding place for slaves before they were loaded onto ships and transported as part of the slave trade.

When visiting the castle, you can participate in a 45-minute tour, which will give you all of the background history of the fort, and a better understanding of the slave trade.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

aburi botanical gardens ghana
Image via Flickr by Erik Cleves Kristensen

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful attractions in Ghana can be found in the Accra area. Aburi Botanical Gardens is a 64.8-hectare botanical garden, which was once the site of a sanatorium built for the benefit of government officials.

In the past, the garden played a vital role in the production of cocoa in South Ghana, but today it is much better known as a relaxing place to visit and see some unique tree specimens, including some great examples of sausage trees.

Labadi Pleasure Beach

labadi pleasure beach ghana
Image via Flickr by Stig Nygaard

Labadi Pleasure Beach is the busiest beach in Ghana, which isn’t really surprising because it is also its best. The beach is looked after by the hotels that are nearby, and if you stay in one of those hotels, you can gain admittance to the beach for free. So, if you are flying out to Ghana, and you’re looking for somewhere to stay, you may want to consider one of the establishments close to Labadi.

What makes this particular beach so special, apart from its sandy beaches and pristine waters, is the fact that you can usually catch some kind of performance, whether it be a reggae concert or a display of local dancing and drumming when you are there.

So, there you have it; there are more things to do in Ghana than one might expect, and many of them are things not to be missed!

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1 thought on “Four Things You Must Do in Ghana This Year

  1. I recently visited Slave Haven, a Memphis museum about the Underground Railway. One of the exhibits was about the Ghanese castles that held slaves as they awaited passage to the New World. Horrible stuff.

    But I have long yearned to visit Ghana. The hospitality of the people, as is the case elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa as well, is said to be legendary.


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