How To Order Coffee Around The World

I’m not a regular coffee drinker, but I do enjoy ordering a coffee every now and then. And if the craving comes while you’re traveling, it is helpful to know how to order one. It’s also helpful to know how the locals usually take their coffee. You might want to try something you’re not used to. Or you might want to avoid a weird look from your waiter or the locals around. For example, Italians never take their coffee with milk in any form after breakfast.

When traveling to a foreign country, I believe it’s useful to learn how to say a few things before getting there. And why not learn how to order a coffee? Especially if you’re not like me, and you do take coffee regularly. Now, be careful if you order the local’s favourite in Ireland or Germany because both of these contain spirits. But if you like something exotic, head over to Morocco and try their café des épices, which is coffee with nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds.

If you like it sweet, you might like Spain’s café bombón, Vietnam’s ca phe dah, or Hong Kong’s yuanyang, which all contain condensed milk. And if you like it strong, Netherlands offers a double shot of espresso in their café melange, but they top it off with whipped cream for balance. If you’re really weird, you might like Finland’s kaffeost, which is coffee served over their juustoleipä cheese. And you can never go wrong with a French café au lait, am I right?

Check out the infographic below to learn how to order coffee in 15 different countries around the world and the local’s favourite.

how to order coffee around the world

How To Order A Coffee In 15 Different Countries Around The World – An infographic by the team at

How do you take your coffee?

2 thoughts on “How To Order Coffee Around The World

  1. Lovely post and infographic! 🙂 I’m a coffee lover and it’s true that if you just order a “coffee” in a different country, you might get a version you weren’t expecting at all! Which is sometimes quite fun 🙂 (Also, I’m Finnish, and I’ve never heard about this kaffeost tradition! That word is Swedish, by the way. Maybe they drink coffee that way elsewhere in the country, but in Helsinki it’s just plain filtered coffee – not my favorite, actually! I prefer espresso-based coffee, and in Finland they call those coffees “Speacial coffee”, hehee…) As I said, loved this post! Happy Sunday!


  2. yikes, typo… should’ve said “Special coffee”, one “a” too many!


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